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July 18, 2011

Com.X Reviews: BlueSpear #1

BlueSpear #1
Publisher: Com.X
Writer: Andi Ewington & Eddie Deighton
Artist: Cosmo White
Cover: Cosmo White

As much as I raved about how great last year’s Forty-Five45 was, there was just as much praise for several of the standout characters from the book. BlueSpear was one of those that stood out, so needless to say, I was more than excited to hear that Andi would be continuing his story in a spin off issue. With writing duties split with Eddie Deighton and some smokin’ hot art from Cosmo White, I was ill prepared at how cool this issue was going to be.

The issue opens up with the interview from Forty-Five45, which effectively sets up a bit of BlueSpear’s origin. From there you’re thrust into a hunt for one of the most powerful guys to carry the Super-S gene. BlueSpear is the target of XoDOS and their top agent, Lotus, is leading the hunt. Assisting her are X and a hot headed rookie eager to prove himself. BlueSpear’s heroic actions have also made him the target of the Yakuza, and Lotus figures that since they both have the same problem she’ll enlist their help. The alliance took some convincing, but Lotus has some pretty intense powers of persuasion. Along with a very sick and twisted sense of humor. By the end of the issue there’s a ridiculously high body count, poop has hit the fan, and BlueSpear shows he’s got a few tricks under his hat.

As far as the story goes, Ewington and Deighton give you more than just action and violence to satisfy you adrenaline junkies. There are brief moments of drama as the brother’s relationship is touched on from time to time. It’s mentioned during the interview that ever since Yuji was transformed into BlueSpear, he’s a completely different being. He realizes that he’s also a danger to his brother because of his abilities, but it’s evident that both of them still want some type of connection. When the story does kick into the fast paced action, it’s over the top and just fun, and a lot of that is because of Cosmo’s fantastic artwork. It is a bit distracting at times, because your eye will just go from panel to amazing panel without reading the captions. Too many sequences stood out as just great, from BlueSpear on the whale to his transformation. At the end of the book we get a gallery from various artists and their BlueSpear interpretations, which are all just phenomenal.

Even if you haven’t read Forty-Five45 (and I suggest you do), you won’t be lost as to what’s going on in BlueSpear.  This is an introduction done very well, and maybe later we’ll get a bit more back story on the character to flesh him out a bit more thoroughly. You will want to jump in before the water gets too deep, because this is also the start of the Forty-Five45 trilogy, and who knows what’s going to happen in X’s title! In the meantime, you’ll definitely want to make sure you pick up BlueSpear when it hits shelves!

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