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July 17, 2011

Marvel Reviews: Captain America #1

Captain America #1
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Steve McNiven
Cover: Steve McNiven

Just in time for the new Captain America movie we’re given a brand new series with Steve Rogers back in his role as the star spangled superhero. With the death of a friend and an assassination attempt at the funeral, it seems like once again old ghosts have come back to haunt Steve Rogers. So it’s up to him, Nick Fury, Sharon Carter, and Dum Dum Dugan to find out why a former ally is now trying to kill them. Brubaker takes us on a series of flashbacks to help flesh out this story, and we find out that some of this may boil down to plain old jealousy. It seems as if Sharon’s Aunt Peggy dumped a one night stand to be with Steve back in 1944, and he’s still a bit upset about it. Brubaker also throws in a classic Cap villain to complicate matters.

I’m one of those fans who really liked Bucky in the role of Cap and was a bit upset when I heard about Steve getting the title back. Well, Brubaker writes such a fantastic Captain America that most of the angst just went away and I couldn’t help but enjoy this new beginning. From the opening scene Brubaker reminds the reader that Cap is literally a man out of time and has outlived many of his closest friends. That kind of thing weighs heavy on Steve and was a great opener. It was also refreshing to see that this issue wasn’t yet another retelling of Cap’s origin, either. Brubaker allowed the story to take center stage here and not muck it up with explaining every one’s past. There are little bits and pieces sprinkled about that get you better acquainted with the other characters which come across great in the flash backs.

McNiven is one of those artists that gives you something great almost every single time. This issue is no exception, as Mark Morales and Justin Ponsor complete the art with great inks and colors. The assassination attempt/escape at the funeral was a terrific sequence that moved well, kicked ass, and set the tone for a great issue. Hopefully he stays on the title for longer than the first story arc.

Sure, I’m bummed that Bucky is no longer Cap, but with stories like this the transition will be so much easier. Brubaker wrote the other Cap series for a while and it ended up being one of the best titles on the shelves. This new Captain America title looks to end up doing the same thing, and regardless of your Cap knowledge this issue is a good jumping on point.

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