July 12, 2011

Crisis of Infinite Reviews: Flashpoint Edition pt 6

Flashpoint #3
Writer: Geoff Johns
Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope
Cover Artists: Andy Kubert, Ivan Reis, and George Perez
Publisher: DC

At the end of the last issue Barry Allen was left a charred shell of a man. Lucky for him, Thomas Wayne was around to mend him up. Of course the minute he woke up he ran back out and got struck by lightning yet again. Fully re-powered and with a powerful ally, Barry sets off with Batman to create an army to battle the Reverse Flash. First they recruit Cyborg, who is an interesting choice but a useful one, as he leads them directly to this world’s Superman, only he’s not so super. Having been kept in captivity since his arrival, the Man of Steel is more like the Man of Toothpicks, as he’d never been exposed to Earth’s Sun.
Ever since Barry Allen has returned he’s made one questionable choice after another, and this issue is no different. After nearly killing himself the first time, he risks being killed and with him, the only person (as far as he knows) who knows something is wrong in the world. I’m not sure if it was intended to be this way, but that just sounds a tad nonsensical to me. That aside, however, I thought this was the best Flashpoint issue to date. We get quite a bit of information regarding the entire Flashpoint world as a whole, and that does well to enhance the story. Overall, this issue was much stronger in terms of story than the previous two issues, while the art has remained consistently great throughout the series. 4/5 – AP

Flashpoint: Abin Sur the Green Lantern #2
Writer: Adam Schlagman
Artists: Robson Rocha, Felipe Massafera, and Joe Prado
Cover Artist: Felipe Massafera
Publisher: DC 

After how strong the first Abin Sur comic started out, I really had high expectations for #2. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very strong issue.
We pick up with Abin Sur’s crash on Earth, and he shortly after is discovered by Hal Jordan. Before Hal can do much, Cyborg steps in and takes Abin to a facility to help stabilize him. Abin, after a conversation with Cyborg, decides to temporarily forego his mission for the Guardians and help save the Earth. We end with Sinestro showing up and explaining what the Flashpoint is, and then he proves that no matter the reality, he’s still kind of a dick.
The issue wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t strong either. There was also a downturn in the quality of the art. (A real shame after how lovely the first issue was.) 2.5/5 – MB

Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance #2

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Eduardo Risso
Cover Artist: Dave Johnson
Publisher: DC

The murderous Joker has kidnapped two children, and both Gordon and Batman are on the hunt to find her. The two of them have a very familiar face helping them out, as Selina Kyle takes up the name Oracle. Gordon finds Joker’s location and attempts to take on the murderous monster himself. Unfortunately, things do not go the way he plans, and Batman arrives to a scene of utter chaos.
After reading the first issue, and having been wildly unimpressed, I nearly chose not to read this issue; that would have been a mistake. To start with, the pacing in this issue was great; the tension continually built until that final page reveal, which was fantastic. With this issue, we get a better look at the nature of the relationships between the characters in this book. Overall I’d say that this book was strikingly better than the first issue. The story was interesting, exciting, and the art was even better as well. 4.5/5 – AP

Flashpoint: Secret Seven #2
Peter Milligan
Artists: Fernando Blanco (Layouts) and Scott Koblish (Finishes)
Cover: George Pérez with Tom Smith
Publisher: DC

After a mediocre start, Secret Seven has finally taken off with the second issue. This isn’t to say that this story is anything spectacular. A lot is crammed in here and it feels like a blur. Personally, I’d rather not have an event and just have a longer series that focuses on the team (like Marvel’s Thunderbolts during the Dark Reign event). Also, there’s a lot of common comic book tricks thrown in that you’ll be able to spot (you’ll probably figure out the ending a page beforehand). With that being said, the comic has one big advantage that makes Flashpoint: Secret Seven #2 worth noting. Characters. All of the characters are interesting and different than your average tights and cape hero (both look wise and personality wise). With a lineup of Shade, Enchantress, Mindwarp, Raven, Zatanna, and (possibly) Black Orchid, you can’t go wrong. Hopefully they’ll make a series out of this (that doesn’t have to do with an event), because the team does have potential for great stories. With that being said, there’s not too great of a plot nor theme to give to the characters. However, it is starting to get intriguing and hopefully it will have a big payoff come issue #3. 3.7/5 – AH

World of Flashpoint #2
Writer: Rex Ogle
Artist: Eduardo Francisco
Cover Artists: Andrew Dalhouse and Brett Booth
Publisher: DC

World of Flashpoint #1 definitely came out as a bit of a disappointment. Characters that weren’t very interesting, and a plot that just seemed to have no effect on the world of Flashpoint. Boy, did issue #2 turn that around in a flash (See what I did there?)! Although Traci 13 is still not the most interesting character, she definitely grows on you in this issue. Her mission to stop her dad from killing millions gets a little more interesting when she travels the world in search of others that may try to help her. The problem is, as she is guided by Madame Xanadu’s tarot cards, she slowly starts to realize that other heroes are only trying to save themselves. It was pretty interesting to see the whereabouts of characters like Changeling, Natasha Irons, Red Tornado, and Guy Gardner. The most intriguing character, though, was the last one Traci meets, the one who sets her on her path again. Still on par with last issue, the art was consistent and Eduardo Francisco’s style suits the character Traci 13. Rex Ogle definitely amped up the speed and severity behind this issue, making it feel much more important. The downfall of issue #1 was that there wasn’t enough “world of,” but Ogle makes sure that’s not the case with this issue. A much more enjoyable read than the  first. 3/5 –MP

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  1. Both Flashpoint #3 and the Batman Flashpoint #2 were great! I was actually shocked to find out who the Joker was.

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