July 11, 2011

Zenescope Reviews: The Dream Eater Saga pt 5

Grimm Fairy Tales: The Dream Eater Saga part 5
Neverland One-Shot
Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Raven Gregory
Artist: Jean Paul DeShong (cover by Khary Rhandolph)

Most people think of Neverland and Pan as fantastic and engaging. Well, in Zenescope’s version of Neverland, Pan is an evil, power hungry ruler that kidnaps children to satiate his lust for immortality. Nice guy, huh? Well, as of right now, Pan has been banished to Earth where he is considerably less powerful. So much so, that he is living among the homeless in New York City. He feeds off of them to keep his dwindling power going, but is still full of hate about losing his kingdom, and that is also something that keeps his drive alive. Pan is trying desperately to get back to Neverland and rule once again, but hasn’t found a way back…yet.

As Pan is stealing souls from a few homeless guys, he encounters a water Nymph. She explains that she was stuck on Earth when the portals to the other fantasy worlds were closed and can’t get back. She goes on to tell Pan that she knows of one person that can get her back, but a soul is required as payment, and Nymphs have no souls. Pan then demands to see this gypsy, and the Nymph takes him to her shack. Once inside, Pan sees that the gypsy has some power and knowledge, so he tries to drain her of her power. She laughs at him, and then tells him she’s protected by magic spells. She does tell him about someone that she knows that can help him steal the power of the Dream Eater and make him all powerful. Pan then strikes a bargain with the gypsy. Afterward, the Nymph and the gypsy reveal that they’ve ulterior motives for this meeting with Pan. The motives, along with who Pan is going to see, are not revealed.

Alright, the ending to this book was fantastic, because it leaves you really wanting badly to know what the gypsy is up to, and also who Pan is going to see to help him defeat the Dream Eater. I’m really not up on my Neverland reading, but I know that Pan in his own realm is one bad mamma-jamma, so if he becomes more powerful than he ever has, everybody is in for it! The artwork is fantastic as usual. The dark sewers to the fantastic colors when the gypsy reveals her true powers to Pan, are just two examples of the great work here by DeShong and company.  Rating 4/5

Alternate cover by Ale Garza & Ivan Nunes




**note** Part 6 of this storyline ships on July 27th.

Billy Dunleavy



  1. I always thought that Peter Pan guy was shady!

  2. Billy

    @Speech- I definitely like this version a lot better than that fruit-booty flying around in pantyhose. 😀

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