July 13, 2011

Arsenic Lullaby Comic Con Exclusives

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Written by: DecapitatedDan
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Over the years many publishers and toy makers have had the Comic-con Exclusive moniker attached to their products’ CCI only products, but Arsenic Lullaby, elder statesman of Indy publishing and long time anchor of the independent press pavilion, has never took on such an honor…until now. At this year’s show the Eisner award nominated, cult favorite will have two exclusive items with the CCI logo gracing their covers!

Arsenic Lullaby Ten Year Omnibus Variant Cover

Since it is a comic book show, A.L. Publishing thought they would stray from conventional wisdom and offer an exclusive that is actually a COMIC BOOK. A Comic-Con only variant graces this Hardcover version of the ten year collection of Arsenic Lullaby. This series has become the elder statesman of independently published comic books, having not only earned an ever growing cult following, but nominations for the Eisner Award, the Harvey Award, and the Comic-don Award in Europe. Attendees who have seen, read, and enjoyed this series during its over a decade of exhibiting at Comic-Con can now own this 464 page collection with a masterfully illustrated cover by the series originator and Mad magazine contributor Douglas Paszkiewicz. That’s 464 pages of the best, strangest, funniest, and skin crawlingest stories ever to grace the pages of a comic book…you’re welcome.

Arsenic Lullaby Pilot Episode w/ Silk Screened Slipcase and additional footage

In case reading isn’t your bag, a handsome silkscreened Comic-Con only slipcase protects an animated pilot episode of Arsenic Lullaby. That’s right, no longer content with panels and word balloons, Arsenic Lullaby is moving into actual animated episodes! This pitch pilot is the same version being scrutinized by cable networks…Lord help us all. This DVD contains the pitch pilot, additional footage, and director’s commentary by the series founder Douglas Paszkiewicz. Written and illustrated by Douglas, and voiced by his friends from the standup comedy and musical industries, this pilot, while unpolished in comparison to Pixar, is unflinching and uncompromising. Stories straight from the series containing Voodoo Joe and Baron Von Donut are sure to please fans and attendees looking for something off the beaten path.


Douglas Paszkiewicz
Eisner and Harvey award nominee
Mad Magazine
Arsenic Lullaby



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