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July 8, 2011

Gotta Have It! Captain America Tumblers

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Written by: Drew
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Just in time to go see the new Summer blockbuster coming out, or to time travel and go kick some Nazi-ass, you gotta have this set of Captain America tumblers over at SuperHeroStuff.com!

Haven’t decided what to pour a nice cold brewski into? Maybe your Casper, The Friendly Ghost tumbler just isn’t cutting it anymore to impress your friends and future in-laws. SuperHeroStuff.Com strikes again and saves the day by not just giving you one kick-ass Captain America tumbler, but a set of four! That’s four times the patriotic action! Four times the “Eat it Tony Stark, I’m keeping my secret identity!” attitude! Four times the amount of beverages you can consume, because with that many cups of coolness you will not be able to fight the urge to fill every last one with a beverage!

Each one of these tumblers is made out of glass and holds up to 16 oz. of whatever fluid you care to fill it with. Each glass has the print of a different artist’s rendition of Captain America kicking some butt!

A little classic Kirby art going on with this one!


Watch Cap jump back from the Red Skull and into your taste buds with a cold drink!


Charging into action 'cause Nuff said its time to chug down!


Even your lover will cry "Avengers assemble!"with a glass like this!

The back of each of these lovely glasses has the classic Captain America comic book logo, and the bottom of each one has the Marvel logo to gaze at as you down your drink.


Nothing sells like a good logo


In case you forget what universe the character is from, Marvel doesn't let you forget as you stare with each drink of your glass!


Even your favorite blue-eyed comic reviewer, Drew McCabe, digs the tumblers, as he chugs from the Kirby-style one!

Now,¬† the real question for Cap-fans is how do these glasses hold up AGAINST NAZIS?!?!?!?!?!?! Well we here at ComicAttack.Net had to answer your question! So, we got Drew’s evil Nazi twin to swing by his apartment! Let’s see what happens!


Obviously an evil Nazi twin. Notice the Hitler-stache and his evil gleam as he sees one of the tumblers!


Look at his Nazi-twin face, as he is filled with greed to not just destroy the glass but drink its contents before hand!


Oh but the evil Nazi-twin bastard never gets a chance to, as Captain America does what he is awesome at and kills another Nazi!!!!!

So there you have it, folks! This set of glasses is stylish, beautiful to look at, and will keep Nazis away from stealing your drinks! What more could you want? For just $29.99 you get all four amazing tumblers in a nice box! Buy it now from our friends at SuperHeroStuff.com, and check out some of their other tumblers and Captain America stuff!

Drew McCabe



  1. Why are they called tumblers??

  2. Billy


  3. Drew

    A tumbler is just the type of drinking glass, its defined by having a thick bottom made of plastic or glass

  4. Your poor Nazi twin. Cool glasses.

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