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July 8, 2011

From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays: Rescue Rangers, Dinosaurs and Superzan!!!

Hey-hey-hey!!!!!!! Okay, you couldn’t tell ’cause you couldn’t hear my voice, but that was a solid attempt by me to do a Fat Albert Impression! It’s cool if you couldn’t tell ’cause it probably didn’t sound like it anyway, but you get the idea. This week we look at some great stuff, so let’s get down to it. Welcome one and all to From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays!

The latest issue of Sonic The Hedgehog starts everything from scratch (or does it?) with a new reboot! I covered issue 226 the other day here on the site; it’s worth checking out so check out our review right here!

Out On Stands: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers¬†#8
Publisher: Kaboom (Boom! Studios)
Writer: Ian Brill
Art: Morgan Luthi

Rescue Rangers is one of the best all-ages comics out there these days, certainly the best and my favorite of Kaboom’s line currently. I haven’t had a chance to cover it too much in this column due to all the stuff we get to pack in, however, the title is wonderful and any issue is a treasure to get your hands on for the read. They just have have the right stuff in the right places with this title, and from ninja porcupines to high-flying action, we get it all in the pages every month from this title.

This issue, everything in the story line building up across the past few issues comes together. As Dale and Foxglove bring a sick Chip to the hospital, Monterey Jack and Gadget come face to face with the main villains, who originally showed up a few issues ago, but this time we get the reason why, and it’s one from Gadget’s past. After the plot twist is revealed, the Rangers are left in a trap by the villains for dead, waiting for a giant old owl to awaken for meal time. I can’t write too much more without giving the whole thing away, but with a few more twists and turns this story arc has a great wrap up that is even better than their first one.

Ian Brill has done a great job rocking these characters out and packing in the adventure and excitement that meshes smoothly with his story and character development, making it a joy to read every month. The art by Luthi looks fantastic and is equally as smooth, with a great flow that compliments Brill’s writing. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers #8 is out on stands now and is a great read.

Out On Stands: Discovery Channel’s Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Predators
Publisher: Silver Dragon Books (Zenescope)
Story and Art By: A large army of numerous writers and artists

This book was great. Man, I wish I had this as a kid ’cause this is totally where it’s at if you dig dinosaurs even a little. New from Silver Dragon Books (Zenescope’s all ages line) is Discovery Channel’s Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Predators, a graphic novel depicting an array of prehistoric creatures in a series of smack downs as they scrape to survive back in ancient times, all while giving us fun facts about them, the time period, and more.

The book features a variety of dinosaurs like triceratops, raptors, t-rexes, and much more. It gives us a few facts about the beasts, then follows up with a short comic adventure as they battle to live against the odds in their lives. The formula works well, leaving you wanting more. The art on the whole book is great with writing to match, and certainly can be enjoyed by a person of any age. A shout out goes to the excellent battle between an ankylosaurus and gigantosaurus that rocks the pages in a fantastic prehistoric slug fest, as well as some of the most interesting facts on the brontosaurus (well, if we can call him that) that I never knew and were really cool to learn about.

Discovery Channel’s Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Predators is out now and worth picking up.

Something To Watch: Superzan El Invencible

It is fair to say this is the most classic comic book style of any Mexican luchador film.¬†Superzan El Invencible has it all for entertainment. The film starts off letting us know spacemen are quietly invading Earth. We are then treated to Superzan flying through the sky like Superman, and saving a damsel tied to train tracks by using his super strength to stop the train with his bare hands (told you it’s classic like). We then are treated to some mariachi music with a luchador singing, a wrestling match featuring El Campeones Justiceros (who turn out to be Superzan’s friends), and then more action as Superzan fights off robbers right into the spaceman invasion, which leads into riotous situations, although the ending may feel a little anti-climatic to some.

Yeah the plot doesn’t sound too deep, but it’s entertaining and its odd serial like pace of constantly switching gears makes it an entertaining luchador flick to lay eyes one. Oh, did we also mention Superzan’s psychic powers and how his butler looks like an anorexic version of Shaft? Interesting fact: Superzan was created for cinema trying to cash in on the Mexican luchador craze sweeping Mexico at the time. He would later appear in other films, but surely this Superman inspired luchador gem is a lot to live up to. Your something to pick up and watch this weekend is Superzan El Invencible.

That’s it for this week! See you next, and until then we send you kaiju-love from New York!

Drew McCabe


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  1. Billy

    Great reviews Drew! My son (a dinosaur aficianado), gives this book (Zenescope) 2 thumbs up!!!

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