July 3, 2011

Dark Horse Reviews: Conan: Road of Kings #6

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Written by: Billy
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Conan: Road of Kings #6
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Mike Hawthorne (cover by Doug Wheatley)

As Queen Sophenesba and Necrodemus are taunting Olivia, Fharos, and Captain Jemal, the sun starts to rise higher in the morning sky. It is time for the executioner to swing his mighty axe, but he’s not there. A few seconds later, the masked killer approaches the Queen, then teases her in front of the entire courtyard of people. Necrodemus motions to the guards to grab him, but before they can, Conan of Cimmeria reveals himself underneath the robe and mask (minutes earlier, he had killed the executioner and taken his place). The Queen screams for the guards to kill him, but Conan swings his sword and slits the throats of his would-be attackers. He then hurls the mighty executioner’s axe at the Queen’s head! She faints from the sight of the whirling blade, and then Necrodemus decides to use his mastery over the dark arts to summon a demon to kill Conan. Well, I won’t give anymore away, but rest assured that the unholy beast kind of has a mind of its own. Not only that, but Conan must also face Gamesh (the assassin who’s been tracking him since the earlier issues), and also the giant worm again as well!

So, as this story line comes to a close, I really can’t wait for August when the series will continue. Roy Thomas is so good at writing these action packed stories, and Hawthorne’s art really deserves to be recognized. I loved the way you couldn’t see the entire beast summoned by Necrodemus, but the part you could see scared the crap out of me. Pick up this series for sure, because it’s Conan at his best!

Billy Dunleavy



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