September 12, 2009

Marvel Snapshot: Secret Invasion/Big Events pt 1

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Written by: Billy
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marvelsnapshotThis weekly column is going to feature my take on present events and what I think the future looks like for the Marvel U; specifically the Avengers and certain X-books. First up is the “big event” or “crossover”. Now there is a slight difference between the two but I think ultimately they both try and accomplish the same thing. If you think about it a “big event” seldom doesn’t crossover or at least have repercussions in other books than the main title. So let us plunge into this very subject in this premiere of Marvel Snapshot.

Personally I love crossovers and big events- but wait don’t get too excited! There is one thing that I really hate about them, and it’s the same thing that Marvel and CD or DC (whatever that other company is called) does that continually really drives me crazy; Tie-ins! Now don’t get me wrong I know in the end it’s all about making money, but when they add all those tie-ins that basically have nothing to do with the main title or story it really ticks me off. I mean really, aren’t there enough titles out there to utilize rather than creating new ones just for the explicit purpose of draining our wallets? I keep hearing chatter on boards about how much people feel like I do about this very subject. OK so then the big question is why does Marvel keep pumping them out? Simple. Both you and I KEEP BUYING THEM!

250px-Secretinvasion1Now I know I definitely got suckered in as recently as Secret Invasion as did so many others. I had that feeling like everybody else did of “what if I miss something important.” Well let’s see. Normally we all spend an extra four bucks a pop and get very little in return. Of course there are the occasional exceptions to this but they are few and far between. I remember being all jacked up about SI and feeling very let down by almost every mini. Some of them were good reads but again they had very little if anything to do with the main title. I just think if more time and effort were spent developing a better story for the main book and the regulars that tie-in, Marvel would be doing itself a favor. I for one would like Marvel to tone it down a bit with all the limited series and just stick to putting out “quality” books to quote a friend.

The mini that tied into Secret Invasion that I loved was the Thor book. I thought it had great writing along with artwork to match. Most of the ongoings that were connected were great too: Ms. Marvel, Incredible Hercules and the Avengers books had good content in them. The main title though seemed to lose steam  as it finished out. I mean come on, the best thing they could do was have Osborn shoot the Skrull leader with a gun? Couldn’t Dirty Harry just have stepped in?  All right I’ll stop ranting and start getting myself ready to beat up more on this subject next week. Let us all get pumped up for Dark Reign!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Terry

    billy, it would serve Marvel well if they hired you to write for them.

  2. I’m going to come out and say it: I disagree with you! I love how many crossovers and tie-ins there are as I think it provides for a grander picture of the whole situation. Sure, the X-Men mini-series for Secret Invasion wasn’t that great, but imagine if it was never published… people would have been pissed that the X-Men were being ignored and would ask questions like, “So, what are the X-Men doing while the invasion is happening? Romping around fighting The Purifiers?” So it’s a catch 22 really, and it’s one that I stand on the opposite side of the fence with!

  3. Marie

    Great article! I love that someone is actually calling Marvel out on their ways to sell more comics. Well done!

  4. Tom

    Billy, I wholeheartedly agree! I’m another sucker for the Big Events; I have to make sure I get all the crossovers and tie-ins to make sure I have the whole story, but what I HATE is to read the issue and find there’s maybe a background mention in one panel that qualifies the book as part of the story, while the remainder is a completely unrelated tale. I think part of this comes down to editorial direction — the editors need to be in sync with the larger goings-on of the event and make sure their books are at a point where they can be more involved with the story. Instead, sometimes a book will be in the middle of its own story arc when it comes time to slap the crossover banner on it.

  5. Kelly

    I have a love/hate relationship with crossovers and tie-ins. I think it’s a good idea to show different aspects, but the execution has been seriously lacking. My wallet and I cried over Secret Invasion and all it entailed; it was my first Big Event that I was going to try to get everything of. I didn’t realize what I had gotten myself into.

    Thanks for the great insight, Billy.

  6. The Movie Lady

    Great article! Glad you’re getting your opinion out with all the other people who agree.

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