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June 26, 2011

Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Hawkeye

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Written by: Billy
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Hey everybody, it’s time for another character spotlight in Marvel Snapshot! This edition will be focusing on one of my favorite characters – Hawkeye! Yes, that snarky bowman Clint Barton will be in this week’s spotlight, so get your quiver and bow, because it’s time to check out one of the all-time greatest Avengers!

Back in 1964, Stan Lee and Don Heck created Hawkeye to be a villain that would plague Iron Man, but he quickly changed sides, and fought for good by joining the Avengers. From his first days as an Avenger, Clint has never seen eye to eye with Iron Man. The two have always been at odds from everything imaginable, and although they have patched things up, Clint still gives Tony a rough time now and again. When Clint was younger, he and his brother Barney joined the circus. Clint was under the tutelage of Trick Shot and the Swordsman. They trained him to be an expert marksman, but eventually Clint found the Swordsman stealing money from the circus and a fight broke out. The Swordsman beat the crap out of the young bowslinger, and left him for dead. Later, Clint found out his brother Barney had turned to a life of crime as well. But eventually, it was discovered that Barney was actually an undercover FBI agent; Clint found this out right before Barney died.

Clint, for a while, was under the guise of Giant Man, after his bow broke during a fight. That didn’t last too long, though, and he returned to his bowslinging days again. He even joined the Defenders for a short stint, and that led to a confrontation with his old friends the Avengers (Avengers/Defenders War). Clint returned to his status as a full time member of the Avengers, and was instrumental in taking down the Collector, and even Korvac! He eventually was demoted to reserve status by Henry Gyrich, along with several other members. During this time, Clint took a job as a head of security for a corporation that kept getting robbed. In the end, Clint discovered the thief was Deathbird, and after apprehending her, he planted a kiss on her like a pornstar!

The thing I most remember about Clint, though, has to be his relationship and marriage to Bobbie Morse (Mockingbird). The two met while she was a SHIELD agent, and hit it off right away. After falling in love, then getting married, she died tragically in a fight against Mephisto (along with Satannish). She sacrificed herself so Clint wouldn’t die (wow, what a wife!). Hawkeye then left the Avengers for a spell, but returned later on. He then became the leader of the Thunderbolts for a while. After House of M, Hawkeye found the Scarlet Witch living in Wundagore, apparently an amnesiac. The two had an affair, but Hawkeye soon left to let her make her own way. He rejoined the Avengers (New) under the guise of Ronin, and with his skills, had everyone not on the team guessing wh0 was under the mask. Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, Siege, you name it, Hawkeye has been there proving why he is one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

As usual, check out my recommended reading list below and some of the archer’s best cover shots. See you next week!

Recommended Reading
Tales of Suspense vol. 1 #’s 57, 60, 64, 72, 84, 91, 92 (1959)
Essential Avengers vol. 1-4 – Tpb
Avengers/Defenders War – HC
Hawkeye vol. 1 #1-4 (1983)
Hawkeye vol. 2 #1-4 (1994)
Hawkeye vol. 3 #1-8 (2003)
Avengers Spotlight vol. 1 #21-36 (1989)
New Avengers vol. 1 #’s 26, 33, 43, 45, 54 (2005)

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Awesome! Hawkeye is my favorite Marvel Character outside of the X-Men. I loved him in West Coast Avengers and pretty much everything since.

  2. Wasn’t really a Hawkeye fan back in the day and I still don’t see why everyone gushes over him. I did like the Ultimate version a bit better, actually a LOT better.

  3. Billy

    @Nick- WCA was definitely a book that let him shine a lot more than being on the main team did.
    @Speech- He’s a cranky white dude with no powers that got snubbed by a hot chick…for an android. What’s not to like? C’mon, we’ve all been there. 😀

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