June 26, 2011

Image Reviews: Skullkickers #8

Skullkickers #8
Publisher: Image
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Edwin Huang
Cover: Chris Stevens

“Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood pt 2”: After being framed for the murder of a group of nobles last issue, Baldy and Shorty are now on the run and just a bit pissed off at their current situation. If you’re already a fan of the series, then you know that hilarity quickly ensues as they try to clear their name and get some revenge on whoever set them up. Their first order of business is to get in touch with the criminal underworld of the town, and that proves a bit difficult. When they finally do, crap hits the fan in true Skullkicker fashion!

Having first come into the series at Skullkickers #6, I’m slowly becoming a fan of the series. From Zub’s comedic and slapstick action to Huang’s artwork it’s seriously pretty hard not to find something to enjoy. There’s a great balance of humor here that lets the story play out without feeling like the jokes are forced on the reader. I was wondering why there was emphasis on Baldy hiding his gun under the bed last issue. Well, the unexpected pay off was funny as hell and it delivered some of the best scenes in the issue. Zub also gives Shorty some of the most hilarious sayings I’ve ever read in a comic that just come out of nowhere!

This is also another one of those titles where the art is in perfect sync with the writing, which helps make it a great read. Huang’s style effectively brings the humor over and tells the story with precision. Also, if you don’t know what type of guys Baldy and Shorty are, Chirs Stevens’s great looking cover should give you a hint. First, Baldy and Shorty were just patsies wanted for murder, but by the issue’s cliffhanger it seems like they just managed to get into an even worse situation. Gurglin’ Goblin Balls! How will the duo get out of this one!

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