June 30, 2011

Top Cow Reviews: Witchblade #145

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Written by: Billy
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Witchblade #145
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Stjepan Seijic

Sara Pezzini is a tough cop. That not withstanding, even she has her limits, and fighting a dragon in the sewers might be it. Rewind to the beginning, and we find Gretch (columnist for a local newspaper) questioning two homeless dudes about an incident they saw in the sewers. They both tell different versions of the story, but in the end, the story has the same people in it, just slightly altered to meet each individual’s needs. Gretch then heads over to the corner coffee shop to grab some lunch…or maybe to question Sara, perhaps? Gretch realizes that Sara will talk to her, because she knows her secret, and can’t stand it. Sara tells her version of the night’s events, and then Gretch asks her why she’s telling her all this. Sara says that she trusts her, because she didn’t give up her secret yet. Just as Sara leaves the restaurant, Gretch is confronted by Internal Affairs about Sara and her “night job.”

This is my first foray into Top Cow, and I think Marz’s style of writing is a perfect match for this title. He uses a good blend of humor, action, and the snarky attitude from Gretch to top it all off. What can be said about Seijic that already hasn’t been? The dude has to be the most underrated guy in the biz right now. Not because he doesn’t get recognized for his work, but because he’s not mentioned with the other big guns of the modern era (and he should be!). This book is on the shelves now, so don’t hesitate, pick it up!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Glad you liked it Billy! Bad news is that Marz and Sejic’s last issue of Witchblade will be #150 🙁

  2. Billy

    Ugh, well, hopefully the new team can keep the momentum rolling. These two make a fantastic team.

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