June 14, 2011

Aspen Comics/ Exclusive: Executive Assistant Iris vol. 2 #1 Preview!

Finally, Executive Assistant Iris is back! One of the hottest Aspen titles returns this week with Executive Assistant Iris vol. 2 #0, part 1 of “The Hit List Agenda,” written by David Wohl, and art by Eduardo Francisco. Courtesy of Aspen Comics, we have an exclusive look at two pages from issue #1 which is slated to come out July 6th:

Here’s the cover to #1:

The premise of Executive Assistant Iris is a true one. Seriously. Writer David Wohl got the idea for this series when he read a newspaper article about executive assistants in China. Basically they are women who, since childhood, have been trained in the ways of an assassin to serve as body guards for crime lords and mob bosses. This is the story of Executive Assistant Iris!

Now in volume 2, “The Hit List Agenda,” our story expands beyond just the flagship title and into three other mini-series’, entitled Executive Assistant Lotus, Executive Assistant Orchid, and Executive Assistant Violet. These mini’s will be 3 issues each, all tying in to the grander storyline. A bold move by Aspen, since this is their first major crossover event. I hope it’s a successful one, as this book truly stands out among the rest, complete with strong female protagonists, sexy art, and a story that’s rooted in reality. Also, gentlemen, if you’re looking to get your wife or girlfriend into comics, this series may prove to be the gateway book that does it. My fiancee loves it. Give it a shot, see what happens, and report back here with the results.

Look for these covers to #0, hitting shelves this Wednesday. It’s the best $2.50 you’ll spend all week:

Here’s the solicit info for Executive Assistant Iris vol. 2:

“A brand new corporate power player has emerged in the wake of Ching’s death and Iris’ disappearance, but this time, it is no man calling the shots, but a woman-Diane Coverdale. However, dangerous elements are still at play in the high stakes world of corporate domination, and Coverdale must obtain a familiar form of defense to guard herself and her assets-introducing Executive Assistant: Acteia. Sworn to protect her employer at all costs, Acteia proves to be quite deadly, but when Coverdale’s life is threatened, she must learn that discretion can be as effective as any weapon in her arsenal. And how exactly does IRIS fit into all of this?”

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Andy Liegl



  1. Billy

    Covers look great! I’m sure Speechs mouth is watering! 😀

  2. infinitespeech

    Indeed! I loved the first volume of the series and can’t wait for this to start!

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