August 27, 2011

Cosplayer Spotlight: Adult film star Tanya Tate

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Written by: Andy
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This month we’re joined by 30 something year old adult film star and cosplayer extraordinaire, Tanya Tate, from Liverpool, UK!

COMIC ATTACK: What was it that made you want to start cosplaying?

TANYA TATE: I’ve always liked superheroes. It just so happened that I was in San Diego while Comic Con 2010 was going on. I was amazed, seeing superheroes walking all about the city. I thought to myself that I wanted to be part of that. So the next year I bought a sexy little Emma Frost costume and went to my first comic-con. I was a a little apprehensive at first; It was a short mini-skirt and boob tube top. Revealing, but in character. But I had loads of fun and have been doing it ever since.

CA: Do you purchase all of your costumes? Where do you acquire them?

TT: I do buy them and have them altered or I have them made for me. It really depends on the costume. I’m trying to put together an Electra-woman costume and it’s coming together slowly. Mainly because I designed it all myself, I’m having it made, having the accessories made, so it can be time consuming.

CA: Which cons are you planning to attend this year, and who will you be dressed as?

TT: This year I already have been to Long Beach Comic Con one-day show and Wizard World Anaheim dressed as a sexy Green Lantern Arisia. I attended San Diego Comic-Con this year. I’ll also be at Wizard World L.A. and Disney’s D23, possibly Chiller Theater too, but I have no costume planned just yet.

CA: At comic conventions, do fans typically recognize you more for your professional work, or for the character you’re portraying?

TT: I think more so the character. “Tanya Tate” is no where near as recognizable as “Emma Frost.” But I do have people come up to me and they know who I am from the movies and scenes I’ve done.

CA: In your experience, what’s the best way to handle the “gushing fanboy?”

TT: Most people are kind and polite. I’ve never had anyone overstep their bounds or need to be handled. I’ll get stopped and asked for a picture with people, but if I’m having lunch or needing a moment to make a call or something, people are generally respectful. Which I appreciate.

CA: What are some of your most memorable moments while in costume?

TT: Standing up on Odin’s Throne for pictures at the Marvel booth at SDCC 2010. That was pretty cool and loads of people took pictures of me. I’m still finding sites that have my picture from that. There is even one on the official Marvel flickr [pictured above].

CA: On the flip side, what’s the most awkward or rude encounter you’ve experienced while cosplaying?

TT: [laughs] I was at Long Beach Comic Con and there was some chick dressed as Catwoman. To her credit, she looked really good. Maybe she was a little aware of herself. I asked to take a picture with her and she turned around and rudely walked away. I think it’s funny now. At the time I was thinking “Don’t get ahead of yourself, love.” But that was one small instance of some girl being rude, other than that 99% of the people I have met have been extremely nice and polite.

CA: Have you met any comic writers or artists of the characters you’re depicting while in costume?

TT: Not yet, not that I know of.

CA: What do your friends and family think of your cosplay?

TT: They don’t really pay it much attention.

CA: What was it that got you into comics?

TT: I read comics as a kid in Liverpool, but the ones I was reading then were more of the kiddie comics like “The Beano,” “The Dandy,” “Beryl the Peril,” “Bash Street Kids” and “Dastardly Dan.” I got into superheroes watching “Superman II” and “The Hulk” TV show.

CA: Which titles are you currently reading?

TT: “The Walking Dead,” “Chew,” and I just caught up with “War of the Green Lanterns.” But to be honest I think I’m going to start going back and read some old Marvel. I’ve never read Frank Miller’s Daredevil. I want to read old Wonder Woman, too. I recently met Lynda Carter and that rekindled my interest in Wonder Woman.

CA: A friend of yours has never read comics, but wants to give it a go. What do you recommend them to check out?

TT:Crisis on Infinite Earths.” [laughs] Just kidding. Probably some origin trade. As great as “Watchmen” is, you can’t have someone start there, they won’t get the context of the heroes. So maybe “Emerald Dawn.”

CA: Who are your favorite comic book characters? What about them appeals to you?

TT: I like strong women. I like Emma Frost, Power Girl, Wonder Woman. Women who are sexy and beautiful, but can also kick some butt.

CA: You’re a self proclaimed die-hard Harry Potter fan. In your opinion, which Harry Potter book is #1?

TT: Well, the first, second and third were the best ones. The first is where the adventure was just unfolding and it got me excited, but then from book four onwards, they were just too long. J.K. Rowling dragged the story out. So, I would probably say the 3rd one is the best. And of course the last one is the saddest.

CA: You also love playing Monopoly- which piece do you choose to play as? I always pick the dog because it’s awesome.

TT: The car. I always used to choose the car. You have the dog and the boot, but I always wanted to be the little sports car. And I always wanted to get Park Lane [Park Place] and Mayfair [Boardwalk] because they were the two most expensive ones and you can tax people the most when they landed on them [laughs].

CA: Tell us about a day in the life of Tanya Tate.

TT: Busy [laughs]. I start by going to the gym. That’s 4-5 times a week, for an hour or two. Some days I have shoots which I have to pull wardrobe for. Then drive to the location, be there probably the whole of the day, perform, then come home. If I’m not shooting, I’m doing computer work. I just launched my NSFW adult site that took a year to get off the ground. I did a lot of it myself. I do have a publicist who handles press releases and interviews, etc, but I do my own social media, posting on message boards, marketing. So I’m a busy girl. Trying to have a social life is hard [laughs].

CA: Can you explain what your column with the magazine Ravers DVD was all about?

TT: It was a column dedicated to a day in the life of Tanya Tate [laughs]. I’d talk about the different things I would be doing, the sets I was on, conventions I’d go to. A diary of sorts. I did it for a year.

CA: What are your thoughts on the XXX geek-themed films coming out recently, like Batman, Supergirl, and Star Wars?

TT: I think the good ones are the ones where they are made by fans of the genre. That said, there are obviously bad ones as well that are just trying to cash in. You can easily tell them apart.

CA: Are you going to be in any? …can you tease us on what role you’d play (or like to play)?

TT: It’s tough to say because yes, I would love to be in a superhero adult movie, but I don’t want to be in one that makes me look like I’m a fake fan. Virtually everyone in those movies, when wrapped, will go on to other things. I care about superheroes and the genre and wouldn’t want to be in something that was seen solely as a “cash grab.” I would like to do Emma Frost, of course. Power Girl. I may do them exclusively for my website because that way I could control things.

CA: Since you continually split time between the U.K. and the U.S., what’s the major difference between the two adult film industries?

TT: The U.K. adult film scene is very small. The U.S. is where the stars are really made, but otherwise just the same. There are just not that many companies in England.

CA: How about the comics scene- how do the two countries compare?

TT: I don’t know because I have not been to any comic conventions in the U.K.. San Diego Comic-Con was my first. Now that I think about it though, in Los Angeles, there is always something comic related going on.

CA: If you could become any superheroine for a day, who would you choose to be?

TT: Emma Frost. So I could read people’s minds!

CA: Do you have a fanpage or website where fans can check out more of your work?

TT: Of course! I have my superhero website,, that features me usually dressed in a sexy superhero costume, but I also talk about cool things like new blu-rays, action figures and conventions. I can also be found on Twitter at @TanyaTate; there you can see all the things that I’m up to. I Tweet a lot [laughs]. I’m also on YouTube, where I post a lot of video from the conventions and places I go.

CA: Any closing remarks about comics or cosplay in general?

TT: If you have been wanting to do it, do it. It’s lots of fun and you meet some very cool people. Post pics and visit!

Tanya recently posted a photo shoot posing as a hot Barbarian Queen! Link NSFW.

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