June 21, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 6/15/2011

Alpha Flight #1 (Marvel)
Jeff: Not a bad relaunch. Pak, Van Lente, & Eaglesham totally recapture the spirit of Alpha Flight creator John Byrne.

Avengers #14 (Marvel)
Andy: That read quickly…I wish Fear Itself had more focus. I don’t get what the hell is going on, or what the point of it all is. It’s so scattered.

Batgirl #22 (DC)
Andy: This issue (like most of the ones before it) proves what an injustice it is that Stephanie Brown has [apparently] been omitted from DC’s upcoming relaunch.
NickZ: A super cool adventure with Batgirl and Squire. Just a really fun book, it doesn’t need a reboot.

Batman #711 (DC)
Infinite Speech: Really liking this focus on Two-Face more than I thought I would. Damn good work from Daniels!
NickZ: I was actually hoping that Two-Face was dead, oh well, it was a great story anyway. No reboot required here.

Cinderella: Fables Are Forever #5 (Vertigo)
Andy: Um, did Cindy and Dorothy just…um…you know?

Conan: Island of No Return #1 (Dark Horse)
Andy: You gotta hand it to Ron Marz. He certainly knows how to write great opening scenes!
Infinite Speech: Two beautiful women convince Conan to help retrieve a treasure and Bart Sears makes it all look good!

Daken Dark Wolverine #10 (Marvel)
NickZ: Daken as a character is just a hot mess. Agent Donna Kiel seems like she is going to be a bad ass! Also, the art was amazing! (especially in the drugged out scenes.)

Darkwing Duck (Kaboom!)
Andy: Every time this series comes out, I come closer and closer to buying the cartoon.

DC Universe Online Legends #10 (DC)
Andy: This series is losing steam and is beginning to feel like it’s dragging…

Deadpool MAX #9 (Marvel)
Andy: The only Deadpool book you should read if you’re over the age of 14.
NickZ: I think the change in artist on this book really made it more enjoyable to read. I love Bob and Deadpool’s odd relationship.

Executive Assistant: Iris Vol 2 #0 (Aspen)
Andy: Yes! Really looking forward to this one getting into full swing! Although, the art, while pretty, wasn’t as sexy as I’ve come to expect from Aspen.
Infinite Speech: Step back into the world of deadly executive assistants and assassinations as we’re prepped for the Hit List Agenda!

Fear Itself: Home Front #3 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: This series has the heart and depth that balances out the fast paced adrenaline rush of the Fear Itself core series. Thanks Marvel for a strong tie in series.

Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #1 (DC)
Andy: It’s nice reading a story about Dick working in the circus. It plays out like a legit origin story, despite being part of Flashpoint.
NickZ: A totally awesome Flashpoint story! The contrast between Deadman and the Graysons was great.

Flashpoint: Grodd of War #1 (DC)
Andy: Um, why is this only a one shot, but books like Secret Seven or World of Flashpoint get 3 issues? That makes no sense. This issue was excellent.

Flashpoint: Legion of Doom Starring Heatwave #1 (DC)
Andy: I was reading this issue but got distracted by a Subway ad. I then bought Quiznos and used this issue as a napkin.
Infinite Speech: Two cool things happen in this book. The amount of uncool far exceeds that.

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #1 (DC)
Andy: The best Flashpoint tie-in so far. If you’re reading any Flashpoint book, read this issue! It has a great story, gorgeous art, and answers many questions.
NickZ: Out of all the Flashpoint tie-ins that I’ve read so far, this one is hands down the best.

Generation Hope #8 (Marvel)
Jeff: The team gets code names. Too bad they are just as boring as the characters.
NickZ: Ok, after reading this issue, I don’t get Teon at all! I did like the little Judas twist at the end, very unexpected.

Gladstones School For World Conquers #2 (Image)
Infinite Speech: Hahahaha! Just as good as the first issue if not better!

Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths #1 (IDW)
Andy: One word: MOTHRA!!

Graveyard of Empires #1 (Image)
Andy: That was ballsy. It takes guts to write a modern story of US troops fighting Taliban in Afghanistan, and Sable has stones of steel.

Hulk #35 (Marvel)
Andy: The best this book has ever been. Look at that art! Ross is a General once more and it’s really good.

Invincible #80 (Skybound)
NickZ: This issue had a bit of everything that is great about this title. It’s a perfect example of why Invincible really is “The Best Superhero Comic Book In the Universe!”

Invincible Iron Man #505 (Marvel)
Andy: This may be my favorite Fear Itself tie-in. The stakes are high. Innocents are getting killed in a grotesque way. And Tony Stark is afraid.

Ruse #4 (CrossGen)
Andy: That was a solid mini. I hope another comes out sooner rather than later.

Skaar King of the Savage Land #4 (Marvel)
Andy: The art in this series is exactly what you want to see for a Savage Land story!
Infinite Speech
: Fun story, great artwork, and Ka-Zar shows a pteradactyl why it should never try to eat him again.

Snake Eyes #2 (IDW)
Andy: Rebooting the Joe line was the best thing IDW could have done for the franchise. It’s edgier and a whole lot better.

Supergirl #65 (DC)
Andy: Remember that issue Nick Spencer wrote awhile ago? That was awesome. This is…ok.
NickZ: So when did Supergirl become your typical dumb blond? I think Lois is the best part of this book….it may need a reboot.

Superman/Batman #85 (DC)
Andy: A most excellent beginning to Fialkov’s Supes/Bats story. It totally has his distict, sexy touch. #CrimeFictionMaster
NickZ: Fialkov has found an equation for the perfect Superman/Batman adventure: Lots of Batman + Lots of Clark + a little bit of Superman x a great story = Incrediballs! (when amazeballs just isn’t enough)

Teen Titans #96 (DC)
Andy: Nice to see Beast Boy up his game. Not nice to see writer JT Krul will be off this title come the DC relaunch.

Uncanny X-Men #538 (Marvel)
Andy: Thank the Maker Kitty’s space suit is gone. The X-Men need to use the people of Breakworld as their foot soldiers.
Infinite Speech: What came out of this story arc you’re asking? Kitty can touch Peter again now let’s move on.
Jeff: Kitty’s back to normal! Finally no more bubble suit!
NickZ: It was a good issue and all, but everything cleaned up a little too nicely. Doesn’t need to be cancelled though.

Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #4 (Dynamite)
Andy: Great eye candy, but lots of cheese and corn comes with it…and a bone.

Witchblade #145 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech: Again, Marz takes what could have been a simple tale and makes it great while Sejic continues to visually dominate each page!

X-Factor #221 (Marvel)
Andy: Nice to see David continuing a story that began in X-Force. That art is pretty shoddy though.
Jeff: My Lord this is a horrible story. What happened, PAD?
NickZ: Rahne’s baby is bringing out all the crazies! Best line: “Have you seen Shatterstar?” -Rictor “You mean, like, Naked?” -Madrox

X-Men #13 (Marvel)
Jeff: I love the kinds of retcons that make you realize more was going on in the original story than was shown on-panel. This story has a Deadly Genesis feel to it.
NickZ: Dear Marvel, Can Yost and Medina work on this book forever? Thanks, Me.

X-Men Prelude to Schism #3 (Marvel)
Jeff: Ok, a decision was made…but nothing else really happened here. I’m ready to get on with Schism.
NickZ: Another amazing issue! Fun tip: If you want this book to be hilarious, imagine that the coming threat is the Smurfs. You’re welcome.

Don’t stop now. We’ve only just begun (to Chirp)!



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