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June 6, 2011

Image Reviews: Morning Glories #10

Morning Glories #10
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Joe Eisma
Release date: June 8, 2011

Whatever you do, do not start reading Morning Glories with this issue! If you do, you will be scratching your head wondering what on earth is going on. On second thought, I’ve been reading this series since the beginning, and I’m still scratching my head. But that’s the point of Nick Spencer’s uber-mysterious and highly convoluted tale. But I’m sounding like I didn’t like this issue, when in fact, I really did.

What you have to understand about Morning Glories is that mystery is what it’s all about. From the scratches on the walls that coax us with the words “The hour of our release draws near,” which have appeared throughout the first ten issues, to the crazy teachers who encourage the kids to commit suicide, Spencer’s ideas range from the sublime to the morbid. But that’s the mystique of this title and it’s what keeps me buying it with each issue.

The issues of this current arc have focused on each individual character, and have given us a glimpse at what makes them tick or have peered into their past to shed light on where they’ve come from. Last issue’s reveal about the character of Jun was a tough act to follow. Jade’s perspective is not quite as riveting as that, but it does progress the story along quite nicely. Spencer does a fantastic job of revealing small parts of the overall puzzle, while dangling more carrots in front of the reader to surmise what’s going to happen next. Also, Spencer likes to shock us with things in this book, and there is quite a shocker that happens in this issue. I don’t want to spoil anything, for sure, but I’ll hint that Spencer certainly leaves us “hanging” in regards to what happens with Jade.

I have firmly settled into Joe Eisma’s art. His background work, which I have been critical of before, looks excellent in this issue. His details get stronger with every panel he draws. Alex Sollazzo’s colors look richer than I remember in previous issues. I am more comfortable than ever with this team of artists, and am hoping that they stick around, whereas I have not always felt that way.

If you don’t like the kind of long-plan mystery type of story that you might find in shows like Lost or the latest seasons of Doctor Who, then Morning Glories may not be for you. But if you enjoy a layered tale that keeps you guessing with wonderfully-crafted and dynamic characters, then go back, pick up the first nine issues, and see what I’m talking about.

You may be scratching your head, but sometimes that feels really good.

Jeff Jackson



  1. Aron

    I dropped this at #7. It’s on #10 now and they still haven’t given a clue as to what’s going on?! Good grief, Charlie Brown!

  2. When I put this issue down I had zero idea to what I actually just read. The reveals, if you can call them that, end up making the story more confusing, more convoluted, more unreadable than ever before. I love Lost and that kind of mystery, but this issue has made me hit a wall since absolutely nothing seems to be making sense. Each issue throws in a curve ball that has literally nothing to do with anything that’s previously happened in the story. We’ve gone back in time, seen ghost men melt faces, seen doppelgangers of the six kids, seen twins of the six kids, and a dozen other things that have failed to deliver on any level. When people ask me what this story is about, I struggle since I am not entirely sure. I have even spoken to writer Nick Spencer at length about this story and while I understand his 90s slasher film influences, I do not understand the plot of Morning Glories whatsoever.


    Yeah well aaron and derf thats why the comic book stores are full pf lame dc comics and the retard safe mark millar marvel books so you can feel safe in knowing your a moronn and a popular one! I for one Love this title and this issue Nick spincer is the dogs balls and I wish he wasn’t writing a lame iron man book for marvel it makes me afraid he’s going to go the john hickman rout I just dont want to see him doing comics about spidey in a white costume too I mean after forgetless and then morning glories I think Nick spincer should get him self a good strong vertigo title!

  4. Holy heck, Dash Badhorse is here! I didn’t know they had internet over at Prairie Rose.

    Anyway, my favorite Spencer book is T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, and for some reason, nobody is reading it. It’s great. He’s taken these obscure characters and made’em awesome.

  5. These are fair points, but I agree with Dash. I like that this book makes me think, keeps me guessing, and is unlike anything else on the shelves. Granted, I think Spencer would do well to drop a big reveal in the next issue or two, but I’m enjoying it. I just reread issue #9, which was the Jun/Hisao issue. That is one of my favorites. If he can tell stories like that with some really cool twists, then I think folks will be happier. While issue #10 was by no means bad, it lacked the coherency of the previous issue.

    I want Spencer on Runaways. Just sayin’.


    Yeah I hear you jeff I too would like just a little hint at what the funnel thing might be or who the dude that has been showing up to help the kids in the last few issues is and whats his deal I have a feeling he’s going to be like Mr. Shepard from 100 bullets type of anti-teacher! But its a well done book I used to hate image comics but with this and Spincers other books and chew and cowboy ninja viking the imprint is actually making good books again! But as to Spincer doing runaways I think he’d just be waisting his talent like jason aaron writing wolvweine and the punisher Scalped is one of the best series on the shelves but I can see why he does those tired marvel titles FOR THE CHECK!! but Nick Spincer doing runaways would be like if Brian Wood was to write Spider man I mean yeah he could try and make a crazy Matt roth style spidey and it is kind of up his alley but doing that tame mild kids stuff is a joke for writers of that caliber if you ask me!!

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