June 6, 2011

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 06/06/11

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Written by: Arnab

Hey everyone! If you’re wondering why this is out on Monday instead of Tuesday, it’s because starting this week there will be two editions of Crisis of Infinite Reviews. Mondays will cover the regular titles, while Tuesdays will cover everything Flashpoint. Enjoy!

Superboy #8
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artists: Pier Gallo
Cover Artist: Karl Kershl
Publisher: DC

Earlier in the series the Phantom Stranger gave Superboy a warning that trouble was on its way, and with this issue trouble has arrived. The issue starts off with Phantom Stranger coming back to Smallville to assist Superboy. On his way to Superboy, however, he takes it upon himself to screw up one of Simon’s experiments and give Psionic Lad a mental berating, which was highly amusing. Once the four of them get together (Superboy, Psionic Lad, Simon, and Phantom Stranger) the issue goes into flashback mode. We learn of the arrival of the Kent and Valentine families in Smallville, as well as the arrival of a magic worshipping family. Meanwhile, Lori finds herself kidnapped by the creatures that lurk below the surface.
From the beginning of this series I’ve been relatively unimpressed, with both the art and the story. However, this issue did a great job of turning around one of those aspects. The art is still not good. The character’s faces are strangely drawn, and the coloring is off in some places, leaving certain objects and people much flatter in depth than they should be. All in all, it’s just not good art. Which is a shame, because Marco Rudy’s art in the last two issues was fantastic. In much better news, though, I thought that the story in this issue was great. It brought in loose ends from previous issues and incorporated them in ways that enhanced the current arc. Also, I really enjoyed the flashback to the arrival of the Kents and the Valentines. It not only directly ties into Lori’s disappearance, but it also parallels the relationship between Conner and Simon. Art aside, this was by far my favorite issue of the series. 4/5

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Arnab Pradhan



  1. Aron

    This issue of Superboy was frakkin’ awesome! Best one yet, in my opinon.

  2. Anisa

    I agree with you and Aron, this was the best issue of the series!

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