June 9, 2011

Image Reviews: Samurai’s Blood #1

Samurai’s Blood #1
Publisher: Image (Benaroya Publishing)
Writer: Owen Wiseman
Artist: Nam Kim (cover by Jo Chen)

We see two different clans – Clan Sanjo, a clan that appears to be peaceful, but holds many secrets; and the Tokugawa clan, that is slowly but surely taking control of all the neighboring clans. Inside Clan Sanjo, on the surface, things seem to be well, but after one member of the clan goes unpunished for murdering two others, two of the more senior members decide it’s time for a new regime. After they brutally murder their leader, things start to unravel pretty quickly. In the end, only three clan members escape alive. They have nowhere to go, and no one they can trust except each other…maybe.

The story starts out in the present, jumps to the past, then back to the present, but you understand completely why things go horribly awry for Clan Sanjo. Mistrust and devious minds are at work here, and only the chosen sons (and daughter) of Clan Sanjo can make it right in the end! Of the three left after the massacre, we have an ultimate warrior, a chosen son of the clan leaders, and his sister. The warrior is sleeping with his friend’s sister, too, by the way. I’m sure that will be the least of their problems, though.

I’ve got to admit that when I see a decapitation on page three of a book, I’m pretty much sold on the rest. The artwork in this issue was nothing short of spectacular. From the beads of sweat rolling off of a brow, to the big scenes with a multitude of homes on fire and people scrambling for their lives amidst the smoke. The writing is good as well. I’m a sucker for fortune cookie wisdom, and there is plenty of that, but make no mistake, it seems that there is more than just blood lust involved here. The Samurai code of honor, and some betrayal lies ahead in this book, so don’t just dismiss it for wanton violence. Oh, and did I mention this book IS ONLY A DOLLAR!!! That’s right, only one dollar. This issue reads like a five dollar book and the artwork supports that statement, especially the Chen cover (above).

Alternate Cover

Billy Dunleavy



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