May 24, 2011

The Comics Dispatch episode 7: Artist Rick Basaldua

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Written by: Andy
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Welcome to Radio’s comic book news podcast, The Comics Dispatch! Every Tuesday join Andy, Daniel, and a special guest as they discuss the latest industry announcements, news, and PR.

This week the guys cover the new TMNT series from IDW, the Transformers Hall of Fame, the latest Green Lantern trailer, an all-new X-Men character, the betrayal of Alpha Flight, and a whole lot more! Plus this week we have special guest, artist Rick Basaldua who talks about everything from inking for Top Cow, snowboarding, Gundam Wing, and his all-time favorite character, Venom!

The Comics Dispatch episode 7

You can click the link to listen to the podcast or right click “save link as” to download it.

Download older episodes here, and check out other podcasts of Radio!

Andy Liegl

Daniel Fabrizio


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  1. Why are Alpha Flight books still being made? Sure they’ve got a couple of good characters but as a team book they just have a hard time staying around.

    I think Brock’s “vanishing” act was due to his cancer which was touched on real quick during Civil War. He had been sick for a while from what I was told since I didn’t even know the guy was near death. Gargan did have the costume for a long time from Civil War, WWH, Skrull Invasion, and Siege. The best time though was his stint as a Thunderbolt which was damn near perfect.

    Great show as usual guys!

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