October 20, 2009

The Stuff of Legend #2 Preview

If you haven’t already read The Stuff of Legend #1 published by Th3rd World Studios, I advise you to not scroll down and view the preview shots, but to pay your local comic shop a visit and pick it up immediately. I vow on my NM copy of Uncanny X-Men #129 that this story co-written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith, and penciled by Charles P. Wilson III, is well worth your time and money. Seriously.

Issue #2, which comes out tomorrow, is easily the comic I’m most looking forward to reading this week. Why? Because the story is fantastically original, the characters are unique with great depth, and the art is absolutely gorgeous. The plot is that a boy is abducted by the Boogey Man from the comfort of his own bed (the creature attacked him from the closet), so his toys (a teddy bear, wooden duck, jack in the box, Indian figure, WWI soldier figure, piggy bank, and a ballerina from a music box) come to life and along with the boy’s ‘real-life’ dog, do the unthinkable to rescue the child; enter the closet, the realm of the Boogey Man!











Looks pretty awesome, right? Now, I know what you’re asking; where are the toys!? The answer is, you’re looking at them! Upon entering the closet the boys’ toys take on a more mature shape; the teddy bear becomes a giant grizzly, the jack in the box (my personal favorite) becomes this stealthy hatchet warrior, etc. You may also be thinking; this story is about toys that come to life? That’s kids stuff! Well, if that’s your mindset you couldn’t be further from the truth. The Stuff of Legend is definitely NOT for children as it’s violent, intense, and brilliantly written. I highly recommend giving this book a shot tomorrow and to begin at the beginning with issue #1 (if you can find it- some first printings are already selling for $20).

Stay tuned to throughout the week as we’ll be publishing reviews of the issues and interviews with the entire creative team of The Stuff of Legend!

Andy Liegl



  1. Thanks for the super kind words, Andy!!!

  2. Infinite Speech

    wow! is it an ongoing series or a mini? I skipped the screen shots and it looks like i’ve got some hunting to do but i’ll definitely grab the 2nd issue..and if it’s not to my liking it looks like i’ll have a replacement X Men 129 to look forward to! lol

  3. Kristin

    I love the look/coloring of the art.
    But boogey man there on the cover looks like he hopped out of Jeff Smith’s RASL.

  4. @Charles- my pleasure man!

    @Speech- I’m not worried, you’re definitely going to dig it.

    @Kristin- I can kinda see where you’re coming from… are you referring to the horse faced guy? Still, I think they look different enough!

  5. Kristin

    If by the horse faced guy, you mean the creepy guy on the cover of the book, then yes.

    Oh, maybe you meant in RASL. Yeah the weird looking guy that is chasing him around through time, killing all his girlfriends.

  6. billy

    That cover looks sick! I also like the arial shot of the “gameboard.” Really striking artwork.

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