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May 23, 2011

Gotta Have It! Ame-Comi Poison Ivy Mini-Figure!

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Written by: andrewhurst
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I’m not the biggest anime fan, but I absolutely love the Ame-Comi figures where DC’s finest get an eastern makeover. At first I was apprehensive to the idea of my favorite comic book characters being remade in an anime style, but after going through all the different figures and statues, I found some of them were really cool! So I jumped on to start my collection with the Poison Ivy mini-figure!

At first I didn’t care for the big anime eyes and slightly exaggerated body proportions, but with a beautiful character like Poison Ivy, I’m just in awe of it. Ivy’s body is sculpted to the ultimate idea of female physical perfection, and it’s just as seductive as the sexy villain it’s based on. My complaints as far as design are few, but bothersome.

My biggest problem with the design of this Poison Ivy figure is the pointy ears. They make her look like some woodland elf fairy thing, and I think anyone who doesn’t really know who Poison Ivy is will probably think that.

Ivy’s hair just seems a bit too 1980s for me, but only when I look at the figure straight on. It just seems way too big on top for me, however, I love the way it curls behind her like growing roots, and the branches protruding from her scalp are a great touch as well.

Reenforcing the 1980s image are Ivy’s leafy leg-warmers, which are very well sculpted. The sculpting as a whole is finely done, though more detail in the viney serpent around her arms would have been appreciated. Sadly, my copy of the figure has an annoying little glitch where it looks like her bra was attached improperly, so there’s a noticeable crack between her left breast and bra with a big hunk of glue in between.

See that glue glob on the left breast? …THAT’S ANNOYING!

The paint is beautiful, especially around her leg-warmers and the serpent, and her hair has a slight glitter polish. Although I am ignoring the big glittery paint smudge on the back right side of her hair.

Overall it’s a beautiful figure, especially if you have a crush on Poison Ivy like me. I really appreciate the mini-figure series because it allows one to affordably enjoy the Ame-Comi figures. It’s about the sexiest 5.5 inches you can find for $17.99. If I had an extra $70 laying around for one of the larger statues, I would totally drop the money for it. Until then, I will be returning to to pick up the Ame-Comi Harley Quinn mini-figure to go with my Poison Ivy. Be sure to check out some other Batman action figures over at their site!

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Andrew Hurst


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  1. Billy

    Not bad for that price. I think for the money, it’s pretty good, but any higher, I’d pass.

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