May 19, 2011

Top Cow Reviews: The Magdalena #6

The Magdalena #6
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Ron Marz
Artists: Nelson Blake II & David Marquez
Cover: Ryan Sook

“Blood of the Lamb pt 6”: After a very large demonic creature is summoned by the cult calling itself Lucifer’s Children, Patience does what any other Magdalena would do: she stabs it with the Spear of Destiny. However, she doesn’t get the desired effect, and is instead swallowed into the creature where a very different type of battle takes place. This leads to several more questions, and even some doubt is shed on Matthias’s claim that the child is the son of the devil…or is he?

Things are wrapped up quite nicely in the opening arc as Marz has effectively established Patience as the strong and believable heroine that she is. I love the fact that she’s going to save the world but she’s going to do it on her terms, because she only trusts herself and her faith. The meeting at the end of the issue also sets us up for several more plot lines, as we see that Cardinal Innocent is willing to manipulate and twist things for what he sees as the greater good. Marz also keeps giving us great dialog and banter with his characters, as he keeps familiar elements fresh and fun to read. He leaves out the crap and just gives you what you’ll need to enjoy the story to the fullest.

The visuals in this issue are split between series artist Nelson Blake II and David Marquez who deliver some great work in this issue. My only complaint would be that Nelson didn’t show off his skills with those fantastic backgrounds that we were treated to earlier in the series. The sequence with Patience inside of the demon was simple and perfect all at the same time. We’re also treated to more Ryan Sook artwork, who has been dominating with every single cover he’s done.

I went from being quite skeptical of the series to it being one of the titles I make sure is in my pull box when it comes out. Being proven wrong about a series isn’t always a bad thing, and from what Marz and Nelson have done with Magdalena along with the rest of the crew, it’s seriously worth checking out.

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