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May 10, 2011

Dark Horse Reviews: Solomon Kane: Red Shadows #2

Solomon Kane: Red Shadows #2
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Bruce Jones
Art: Rahsan Ekedal
Cover: Guy Davis or Gregory Manchess

[Issue #1 review.]

The second issue of Dark Horse’s new mini-series Solomon Kane: Red Shadows hit stands this past week, continuing their take on the demon slaying Puritan. In this issue, Kane on his journeying finds a dying girl who has been raped and torn open. Her dying words lead him to vow revenge, and he embarks on a hunt for a villain named Le Loup, who has been pillaging towns with a group of scoundrels. Kane finds him and a duel ensues, from swords to horseback to finally a big bang.

The latest issue of the mini-series uses more images of graphic death and horror than it does the traditional monsters and ghosts that have filled the pages of Dark Horse’s takes before. In fact, it very much feels like an action comic set in the late 1500s than it does a gothic-horror-fantasy, and will appeal more to the Conan-fans out there than previous takes. The action is done very well in fact, and Jones has penned a fantastic sequence for readers to have some fun reading. Once again, art is supplied by Ekedal, who does a good job; many fans enjoy him more than previous artists on Dark Horse’s takes. Although this issue feels disconnected from the first issue of the mini, we’ll see if it smartly weaves altogether (and if not, we can blame creator Robert E. Howard as it’s based off his short Solomon Kane story).

Solomon Kane: Red Shadows #2 is out on stands now, pick it up today.

Drew McCabe

A copy of this comic was provided by the publisher for review.


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  1. Billy

    I picked up issue #1 after reading your review Drew. It was great, and I can’t wait to grab this one too! 😀

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