May 1, 2011

Top Cow Review: Velocity #4

Velocity #4
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Cover: Kenneth Rocafort

“Decoys pt 4”: The clock is ticking and Velocity still has to save her remaining teammates, administer the cure to herself, and on top of all that, stop the bad guy before time runs out. This would probably be a little easier if her friends weren’t scattered across the globe, but Marz doesn’t do easy, and definitely gives Velocity a run for her money. Apparently there’s also a twist to the story that’s been right in front of our faces the entire time, though not as obvious, which made for a great reveal when the time came. It was actually excellent in its simplicity, which is probably why it wasn’t seen sooner.

The dialog in the issue was just great, and reinforces why Velocity is the coolest member of the Cyberforce team. Her explanation of said twist fit perfectly and wasn’t some unbelievable stretch forced to make the story come together. The issue does read a bit fast, but with Rocafort’s excellent artwork displayed on every page, you’ll want to read it several times just to take it all in. He gives you some of the elements that just make this book great to look at with it’s very fast paced action, sexy cyborgs, a crazy mad scientist, and one ginormous ass robot that just sets it all off! Then there’s of course his non-traditional panel layouts that still blow me away every time I see his work. Sometimes I wonder how his style would have been received back in the 60s and 70s.

My only complaint about the story would be that Velocity was able to save Heatwave earlier in the series. I’m just not a fan of that guy. Marz does give us a peek at a villain we haven’t seen in a while during a quiet moment at the end that hopefully leads to another Velocity series from these two. So if you haven’t picked up Velocity, just know you’ll get a classic evil mad scientist tale infused with great artwork and a story very much worth your time and money!

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