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May 2, 2011

ComicAttack.net / Top Cow Exclusive: Artifacts #9 Cover by Dale Keown!

Thanks to the good people at Top Cow, ComicAttack.net has been given an exclusive look at the cover of Artifacts #9 drawn by artist Dale Keown! Soak in all of that awesome as this cover teases multiple throw-downs between bitter rivals!

Top Cow’s Artifacts event has been exciting fans and raising the bar since its first issue hit the shelves back in July 2010! The series is written by Ron Marz with artwork from Michael Broussard on issues #1-4, and now Whilce Portacio continuing the excellence during the second arc. What else is in store for the Artifact bearers of both good and evil? Well, if you’re either a longtime fan or new to the Top Cow universe, you’ll want to be along for the ride as #7 hits shelves May 4th!

Click the link to read reviews of Artifacts!

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