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April 16, 2011

Gotta Have It! Ame Comi Batman Vinyl Statue

Batman gets the AME-COMI treatment!

With the popularity of the AME-COMI HEROINE SERIES, the line extends to the AME-COMI HERO SERIES to include the men of the DC Universe!

Looking more menacing than ever before, Batman is the underworld’s worst nightmare and Gotham City citizens’ darkest savior.
Packaged in a 4-color window box with J-hook, this limited-edition, non-articulated PVC statue measures approximately 8.75″ high and is manufactured to order.

The heavily stylized Ame-Comi Batman is clad in a black and gold costume reinforced by scalloped armor plating, complete with arch-ribbed yellow-lined cape and spike-laden gauntlets. An extensively trained physical combatant, Batman is a renowned detective. Defending Gotham City against the deranged likes of the Joker and Two-Face, Batman alternately serves as both a core member and strategic coordinator of the Justice League.

Ame Comi Batman PVC Statue
Statue Manufacturer: DC Direct
Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 8.8 inches
Released: August 2010
Where to Buy:
Retail Price: $70.00

Ladies and gents, for the first time ever in Ame Comi history, behold one of the finest and greatest pieces your eyes have seen: an Ame Comi Batman! Yes, this means our dearly loved line of Ame Comi heroines has now been extended to include the heroes of the same universe. What better way to jump start the collection than with the Dark Knight himself?

Thanks to, I was able to snag one of these delectable statues. As you can see below, the box the statue came in is already much larger than those of the usual Ame Comi statues. Excited, I was!

WHAT’S INSIDE?! I don’t know! Okay, I do. But still – a present!

The packaging art was so fancy and gorgeous it was almost a crime to open (emphasis on the “almost”). Batman slipped out easily from the package (so I was able to keep it intact quite nicely) and was up and displayed proudly on my statue shelf in under five minutes. The preview pictures have hardly done him justice:

Please pick your jaw up off the ground.

Wow. Here’s a napkin to catch all that drool.

The figure stands an impressive 8.75″ high and is quite robust all around. He towers over all the other Ame Comi’s in almost a comical way. Not only that, but he is much heavier than the others in the series (rightfully so) and comes with a base that actually works as, well, a base. Huzzah!

This light does wonders for my complexion.

I can’t decide which feature of this statue is better – the sculpt or the paint job. Both are equally fantastic and impressive. The paint job is near perfection; no bleeding (other than the section for decorative purposes), vivid colors, and vibrancy all lend itself to an overall success. The colors are bright and contrasting in all the right places. The shading, well done. Some of my other statues literally pale in comparison to this Batman. (Many puns intended.)

Take a moment and really try to get a feel for what the sculpt on this statue looks like in person. Done? Yeah, now magnify that by about 100 and you have a small idea of how amazingly awesome the sculpt is. Every single detail and texture has been crafted in absolute finesse. It’s almost hard to take it all in. From the wide, billowing cape inlaid with grooves and textures, to the various gadgets adorning his intricate suit, this statue is no ordinary feat. Even his simple, stylized face presents the highest quality. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m beyond impressed.

Hey, big boy. Looking good.

This is my candid ‘action’ shot. Pretty good, huh?

Even if you’re not an Ame Comi fan, I think this little number might change your mind. While still depicting the line’s signature stylized qualities, the statue is incredibly recognizable as the Caped Crusader and ranks right up there with other Batman statues in the market, only for much cheaper. Coming in at the reasonable price of $70, Batman Ame Comi is available at the amazing site. Pretty cheap, in comparison to other statues in that quality range. If Ame Comi is not your thing or you’d simply like to add to your ever-growing Batman collection (like me), then check out these other Batman Action Figures!

Hahaha! Prepare to die, Bat- wait a minute. You’re…really huge. I uh, forgot my other Electric Joy Buzzer. Gotta go.

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Melissa Kay



  1. Wow! Looks like a great piece to have on display anwhere! I definitely want this one!

  2. Kristin

    The sculpt and the detail is pretty amazing, though I’d like to see it side by side with a regular Ame Comi to see the size difference.

  3. Billy

    Hmmm, not really my thing, but it looks pretty cool. I’m too much of a purist to buy something this off-beat. 😀

  4. What Billy?? “off-beat” is the new cool!

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