May 10, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 5/4/2011

The Amazing Spider-Man #FCBD (Marvel)
Aron: A nice little one-and-done tale with hints at what’s to come. Also, the first time I’ve seen Shang Chi in a shirt.

Artifacts #7 (Top Cow)
Andy: Some of the best artwork Portacio has put out in awhile. I really hope this series does good things for Top Cow in the end.
Arnab: Seven issues in and I don’t feel enough has happened, anything significant at least, except for maybe that last page.
Infinite Speech: The Aphrodite Army just showed up to kick some ass! Can’t wait till next issue! Oh, and can someone kill Heatwave please?

Axe Cop #3 (Dark Horse)
Andy: Highlarity on every page! Buy the trade and act it out with your little brother. It’s the right recipe for long-lasting memories.

Baltimore/Criminal Macabre #FCBD (Dark Horse)
Aron: Mike Mignola & Steve Niles totally BROUGHT IT in Dark Horse’s free offering this year.

Blue Estate #2 (Image)
Andy: Hot, sexy art compliments a seedy Hollywood crime fiction story. Successfully captures the LA vibe. Plus, the cover is smokin’.

The Boys #54 (Dynamite)
Andy: As f-ed up as the fictional U.S. government is in this series, Ennis is making some pretty valid points that are rooted in reality.

Fear Itself #2 (Marvel)
Andy: I like the fast pace with minimal exposition. Keep it up Fraction.
Arnab: The hammers have all fallen and Thor is imprisoned. It’s a story building issue; a lot happens but at the same time very little happens.
Aron: See my pinkie? See my thumb? Gee, this was dumb.
Infinite Speech: If Marvel hadn’t ruined most of the surprise w/ this issue months ago I would have liked it more. Still another solid step for this event.
Jeff: A much better issue than the first. I’m liking the scope of this story.
NickZ: This was a big disappointment. I hope the next issue improves.

Fear Itself: Home Front #2 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: The best and strongest tie-in series for Fear Itself hands down! Let’s cross our fingers and hope it stays that way.

Fear Itself: Spider-Man #1 (Marvel)
Aron: There is only one thing carrying my interest in this story, and it’s Vermin.
Infinite Speech: Being Spider-Man really sucks. It’s a good thing this issue didn’t and we even get an old school Spidey villain to help make it all worse for the wall crawler!

Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors #1 (Image)
Arnab: A thoroughly enjoyable read. Those little villains in training are a hoot. And retirement? Very interesting.

Green Wake #2 (Image)
Andy: Things are a bit clearer now, which is a good thing. Riley Rossmo’s art is fan-f-ing-tastic too. If you agree, you should go read Proof.

Herc #2 (Marvel)
Andy: Did Hobgoblin just throw batarangs!?

Heroes For Hire #6 (Marvel)
Andy: I want less popular characters featured in the rotating cast. Enough Spider-Man already!
Infinite Speech: If all titles read this well and looked this good the comic buying public would have nothing to complain about.

House of Mystery #37 (Vertigo)
Aron: I think I’m falling in love with Lotus Blossom. Just like y’all should be doing with this series. PICK UP THE TRADES, PEOPLE!

iZombie #13 (Vertigo)
Aron: This issue scored a direct hit! iHope we’re in for an amazing story arc.

Jonah Hex #67 (DC)
Aron: Jonah is one smart cuss. And these one-and-done adventures are genius! Jump on whenever, leave whenever.

JSA All-Stars #18 (DC)
Aron: Cool things happened, but the fun stops here. Stupid FLASHPOINT. I’m gonna no cry now. On Power Girl’s…shoulder…

Moon Girl #1 (Red 5)
NickZ: What a great superhero noir adventure!

Moon Knight #1 (Marvel)
Andy: So THAT’S why he has Wolvie’s claws and stuff. Well played Bendis, well played. Although, Maleev doesn’t seem as sharp as his usual self.
Aron: Not bad. Better than I was expecting. Let’s see how #2 goes, shall we?

Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #2 (Archaia)
Infinite Speech: Friends don’t let friends NOT read this series!
Jeff: Petersen’s ability to tell an epic tale with words and pictures is making him a master of the sequential art craft.

Proof: Endangered #5 (Image)
Andy: A solid ending to this mini. The letters page made me excited, but also sad. Sucks more people didn’t read this one. If you’re among that number, buy vol. 1. It’s only $10.

Spongebob Comics #2 (Bongo)
Aron: Can’t get enough of Spongebob nuttiness? ME, EITHER! This comic is perfect for all your Spongebob needs!

Superboy #7 (DC)
Arnab: The story was decent, albeit a bit choppy. The art was gorgeous, specifically the water color pages.
Aron: Ooh! This series just EXPLODED with awesome! We’re finally going somewhere. And I totally LOVED the art style in this issue. WHOA!
NickZ: This issue was very weird and the art was pretty crappy in some parts too.

Sweet Tooth #21 (Vertigo)
Andy: Where most men would crap their pants, Mr. Jepperd just killed a bear with a kitchen knife. A bear!!
Aron: Another outstanding issue. The scene between the newly one-eyed bear and Gus, was the crack-up of the week!

The Tick #FCBD (New England Comics Press)
Aron: The Tick is always a fun read. Being free, is even better! Also has a GREAT bio on some of the many screwball characters.

Uncanny X-Force #9 (Marvel)
Andy: Now I want Magneto to join the hit squad. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t.
Arnab: For the first time this series we get a Wolverine centered issue and it was fantastic, both in story and art.
Infinite Speech: I used to think karma was a b!#@% but now I know it’s just Wolverine with a katana. And that’s a hell of a lot worse.
Jeff: Here’s what you do when you find out about the secretive X-Force–get them to kill a Nazi for you. Thanks for the tip, Magneto.
NickZ: I feel like there is something I missed here. That kill seemed to have more meaning than I got out of it.

Witchfinder #4 (Dark Horse)
Andy: I’m really liking this series. Picked #1 up on a whim, and am thoroughly enjoying the spookiness.

Wolverine The Best There Is #6 (Marvel)
NickZ: So this story line is STILL not over?

Wolveine Hercules Myths, Monsters, & Mutants #3 (Marvel)
NickZ: “Unleash the Kraken!” lol I love Herc’s hate of Clash of the Titans.

X-Men: Prelude to Schism #1 (Marvel)
Andy: “And now we are here.” I like it. Good one Professor.
Arnab: Something is coming for the mutants and Scott is in for the battle of his life. I can’t wait for Schism if it is as good as this.
Jeff: I’m wondering what the X-Men are about to face, but I love some Cyclops/Xavier relationship stuff.
NickZ: I have no idea what this is about but damn if I am not completely interested!

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  1. @Aron- I’m glad you did some FCBD chirps! I thought the Tick was hilarious. It had the best line of the week, “SHUT UP, MIMES!”

  2. Aron

    @Nick Yeah, that was pretty great! Those sewer mimes are vicious!

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