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October 17, 2009

Gotta Have It! Figure edition: Superhero Squad

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Cartoon Series

Cartoon Series

With the release of the Superhero Squad cartoon series and an upcoming video game, I thought I’d review the ever popular Superhero Squad figure line! So check out these little guys and pick your favorites.

Series: Superhero Squad

Company: Hasbro

Articulation: None or 2 (arms and waist), depending on the figure. They are around the 2” range unless they are with an oversized figure.

dragonballzcentral_2074_72028761Packaging: Clamshell packaging with the figures clear banded in. First few waves had grey and red box with large red print MARVEL in the background, and images of the two characters on the sides of the box they were on. Current packaging boxes are blue with Spider-Man, Hulk, and Iron Man in the upper left corner.

Released: First wave was released in December 2006, and the line still continues.

Where to buy: Most, if not all, toy stores will carry some. They have been seen at Wal-mart, Target, Toys R’ Us, Kaybee toys, and K-Mart.  Just check the toy area!

Price: New releases will be priced around $6.99 for a set of two, $29.99 for supersized, $29.99 for collectors’ packs, and $15.99 for four packs.

High points: Loads of characters and a cheap way to get them. Especially when they go on sale. Daredevil and Electra are $2 now! When the paint job is done right, these look amazing and have fantastic detail.

SuperHeroSquad562_screenLow points: Too many repeat characters. Really, how many Spider-Mans, Hulks, Captain Americas, and Wolverines are needed? I can understand different costumes, but that’s it! There are too many instances of grouping repeat characters with new characters, so you’d have to do with a repeat. Some also have pretty bad paint jobs. It’s a hit and miss. Like I have Gambit, but he’s sooooo tan and his eyes are colored wrong (red and white instead of red and black). Because they are in clamshell packaging, you’re able to see the paint job before you buy it. Just keep an eye out. Also, I don’t own many of these, so I don’t know how accurate the costumes are.

Overall: 3.7 out of 5.  I’m not too happy with some paint work, and the overwhelming number of repeat characters gets old (however, I don’t collect them all, so I’m fine with it, but it gets old seeing so many). It’s a fun, cute way to get favorite characters when you do find a great paint job.


Marvel_Superhero_SquadWave 1:

Angel (red costume) and Colossus
Wolverine (arms extended/yellow costume) and Sabretooth
Cyclops (blue costume) and Magneto (silver base)
Hawkeye and Captain America (shield in hand)

Wave 2:

Punisher (classic costume) and Ghost Rider
Daredevil (arms to sides/red costume) and Elektra
Iron Man (red and yellow armor) and Thor (blue armor)
Hulk (green/purple pants) and Wasp

Wave 3:

Mister Fantastic and Super Skrull
Invisible Woman and Doctor Doom
Thing (pants/black shoes) and Namor
Human Torch (opaque body) and Silver Surfer

Wave 4:

Phoenix and Wolverine (version 2, brown costume)
Nightcrawler and Juggernaut
Beast and Iceman
Mole Man and Thing (shorts)

Wave 5 (Originally wave 5 & 6. Released at the same time and became one wave.):

Johnny Storm (version 2) and Annihilus
Ultimate Nick Fury and Ultimate Captain America
Storm and Black Panther
Logan with motorcycle
Bobby Drake and Pyro
Ant-Man and Doctor Strange
Thor (The Reigning) and Loki
Gambit and Rogue

Wave 6:dragonballzcentral_2073_520794501

Hulk (Ripped shirt, green) and Spider-Woman
Cable and Captain America (shield on back)
Doctor Octopus (classic costume) and Black-Suited Spider-Man (webslinging arms extended to sides)
Deadpool and Punisher (Captain America costume)

Wave 7:

Daredevil (red/right arm behind head) and Spider-Man (webslinging arms to front)
Wolverine (yellow costume/arms to body) and Psylocke
Venom (without tongue) and Spider-Man (right arm to ground)
Ghost Rider and Flame Cycle

Wave 8:

Carnage and Ben Reilly_AUTOIMAGES_HMV78117Rlg
Hobgoblin and Spider-Man
Ares and Thor (New Costume)
Hand Ninja and Wolverine (Samurai costume)

Wave 9:

Spider-Man and Sentry
Spider-Man and Electro
Blade and Punisher
Captain America and Red Skull

Wave 10:

Spider-Man and Ultron
Spider-Man and Ronin
Weapon X and Mystique
Skrull Soldier and Nick Fury
Skrull Soldier and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent

Wave 11:

Spider-Man and Shang-Chi
Classic Cyclops and Marvel Girl
Thing and Kang the Conqueror
Insulated Spider-Man and Shocker

Wave 12:

Captain America and Black Widow
Spider-Armor Spider-Man and Rhino (classic)
Spider-Man and Tombstone
Astonishing Beast and Avalanche

Wave 13:

Iron Man (Thorbuster Armor) and Thor (New Costume)
Scarlet Spider and Bullseye
Silver Surfer (poseable) and Human Torch (standing, transparent)
Tigra and Spider-Man (arms extended with under-arm webbing)

Wave 14:

Wolverine (Jim Lee uniform) and Bishop
Spider-Man and Green Goblin
Spider-Man (black) and Iron Fist
Iron Man 2020 and Deathlok

Wave 15:

Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men uniform) and Silver Samurai
Hulk and Nova
Spider-Man and Vulture
Iron Man and Spider-Woman

Wave 16:

Iron Man (Extremis Armor) and War Machine
Moon Knight and Spider-Man (arms extended with under-arm webbing)

Wave 17:

Captain America and Motorcycle
Iron Man and M.O.D.O.C.
Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men Uniform/Version 2) and Spiral

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Two-PacksHMV69109AAlg

Wave 1 (Movie costumes, and were also released as single figure packs):

Spider-Man (jumping) and Green Goblin (glider)
Spider-Man (unmasked) and New Goblin (glider)
Spider-Man (black costume/wall crawling) and Sandman (phasing)
Spider-Man (with symbiote) and Venom (version 1, navy/red tongue)

Wave 2 (Movie and Ultimate costumes):

Spider-Man (webslinging, two hands) and Doc Ock (olive coat)
Spider-Man (lunging/dark blue) and Ultimate Rhino

Wave 3 (Movie costumes and movie video game costumes):

New Goblin (no glider) and Green Goblin (no glider)
Spider-Man (webslinging, right hand only) and Lizard
Spider-Man (punching) and Scorpion

Wave 4 (Movie costumes with Black Cat, Mysterio, and Puma, who are comic book only characters):

Spider-Man (webslinging, left hand only) and Black Cat
Spider-Man (standing, two fists) and Mysterio
Venom (version 1, black/pink tongue) and Puma

Wave 5 (Movie and movie video game adaption costumes):

Venom (version 2) and Sandman (standing)
Spider-Man (black costume, jumping) and Kraven
Spider-Man (wallcrawling) and Vulture

Hulk Super Hero Squad Two-Packs:

Wave 1:

Hulk (World War Hulk costume) and Iron Man (World War Hulk Hulkbuster Armor)
Hulkbuster Soldier and Hulk (Movie costume)
Silver Savage and Hulk (Planet Hulk costume)
Abomination and Hulk

Wave 2:

Thing (hands together) and She-Hulk
Grey Hulk (blue pants) and Wolverine (version 1/shiny)
King Hulk and Black Bolt
Hulk (smashing) and Absorbing Man

Wave 3:

Gray Hulk and The Leader
Hulk and Zzzax
Hulk and Doc Samson
Hulk and Son Of Hulk (Skaar)


Spider-Man (standing/open left hand) and Battle Truck
Spider-Man (standing/open right hand) and Spider Racer
Arachno Roadster with Spider-Man (webslinging, right hand only) and Thing (shorts)
Off-Road Avenger with Wolverine and Captain America
Hero Helicopter with Captain America and Thor
Repulsor Racer with Iron Man and Cyclops

Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega Vehicle Playset:

Mobile Command Center (with Logan and motorcycle)
The Mobile Command Center separates into three different vehicles.


(Spider-Man set) Bank Heist Battleground: Spider-Man (standing, open right hand) and Doctor Octopus (forest green coat, no shirt)

(Hulk set) Gamma Lab Adventure: Spider-Man and Hulk (The Gamma Lab Adventure is a re-release of the Bank Heist Battleground playset, with Hulk replacing Doctor Octopus)

Marvel Super Hero Squad 3D Pop-Up Playsets (they connect together):

Avengers: Super City with Spider-Man and Iron Man
X-Men: Danger Room with Wolverine and Sabretooth

Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega-Packs (mega packs include one over-sized figure)dragonballzcentral_2074_73886148:

Wave 1:

Wolverine (unmasked) and Sentinel
Human Torch (transparent body) and Galactus

Wave 2:

Beast (fuzzy) and Apocalypse
Ultimate Iron Man and Ultimate Giant Man

Wave 3:

Iron Man (Classic Armor) and Fin Fang Foom
Cyclops (Astonishing X-Men costume, crouching) and Sentinel (Pink)

Boxed Sets:

Marvel Super Hero Squad Five-Packs:dragonballzcentral_2074_73611436

X-Men’s Danger Room Debacle! (Toys ‘R Us Exclusive): Angel (blue costume), Cyclops (black costume), Wolverine (yellow costume), Colossus (shiny), and Magneto (gold base)

Avengers Face-Off!: Hulk (comics), Iron Man (gold and red armor), Captain America, Wasp, and Thor (black armor) (Toys ‘R Us Exclusive)

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Five-Packs:

The Sand Pit Showdown: Spider-Man (Jumping), Venom (version 1, navy/red tongue), Sandman (phasing), New Goblin (glider), Spider-Man (Chrome, wallcrawling)

Marvel Super Hero Squad Four-Packs:

Battle for New York: Spider-Man (Right hand open), Elektra (White costume), Punisher (Green Bazooka), Ghost Rider (Transparent Flames)

X-Men Showdown with Magneto: Wolverine (Brown/Fastball Special pose), Colossus (Fastball Special pose), Emma Frost, Magneto (Arms out)

Avengers Assemble: Captain America (Shield on back, shiny), Spider-Man (Iron Spider costume), Vision, Ms. Marvel

X-Men Unite: Logan (Black shirt), Juggernaut (Battle damaged), Nightcrawler (Teleporting), Gambit (Transparent card and staff)

Winter Soldier Saga: Captain America, Winter Soldier, Falcon, and Crossbones

City In Crisis/Spider-Man Saves the Day: Spider-Man (Hanging from spotlight), Mary Jane Watson, Green Goblin and Sandman

Iron Man Super Hero Squad Four-Packs:

Iron Man Hall of Armor: Tony Stark, Iron Man (Silver Centurion Armor), Iron Man (Hulkbuster Armor), Iron Man (1st Appearance Grey Armor)

Iron Man Face Off: Iron Man (Classic Armor, flying), War Machine (standing), Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo

Crimson Dynamo Attacks: Iron Man (Desert Armor), Iron Man (Classic Armor), War Machine (Red and yellow armor/standing), Crimson Dynamo

The Genius of Tony Stark: Spider-Man (Iron Spider costume), War Machine (Ultimate), Iron Man (1st Appearance, Gold Paint), Iron Man (World War Hulk Hulkbuster armor, with dark grey)

Iron Monger Attacks: 1st Appearance Iron Man (movie), Iron Monger, War Machine, Iron Man (movie)

The Danger Of Dreadknight: Dreadknight, Zhang Tong (Mandarin), Stealth Armor Iron Man, Iron Man (modern age)

Wolverine Super Hero Squad Four-Packs:_AUTOIMAGES_HMV89619Clg

The Hunt for Mr. Sinister: Cable, Wolverine (X-Force costume), X-23, Mister Sinister

Battling the Brotherhood: Blob, Wolverine (unmasked), Bobby Drake (transparent), Colossus (version 1, metallic)

The Coming of Apocalypse: Wolverine (version 2, brown/tan), Apocalypse, Archangel, Nightcrawler

The Uncanny X-Men: Deadpool, Sabretooth (brown), Wolverine (brown/tan, Fastball Special pose), White Phoenix of the Crown

Wolverine on the Run: Deadpool (film), Logan with motorcycle (film), Victor Creed

Doom of the Dark Beast: Logan with motorcycle, Dark Beast, Havok

Wolverine Evolution: Wolverine (with Bone Claws), Wolverine (Congo Assault Outfit), Wolverine

(Weapon X Escape), Wolverine (X-Men Movie Uniform)

X-Cutioner’s Song: Marvel Girl, Cyclops (Version 1), Wolverine, Stryfe

Hulk Super Hero Squad Box Set (Toys R’ Us exclusive):

Hulk Movie Box Set: The Brawl That Shook The World: Hulk (brown pants), Abomination, Hulkbuster Soldiers (2x), and Hulkbuster vehicle.

Collector’s Packs:

Pack 1: Daredevil (yellow costume), U.S. Agent, Dard_3766k Phoenix, War Machine, Johnny Storm (version 1), Thing (pants/white boots), Hulk (green/blue pants), Spider-Man (Lunging/light blue)

Pack 2: Professor X, Cyclops (Astonishing X-Men Uniform), Wolverine (Brown Uniform), Iceman (Original Form), Shadowcat (with Lockheed), Juggernaut (X-Men Uniform), Silver Surfer (Chrome), Spider-Man (Squatting/Movie Costume)

Pack 3: Mister Fantastic (Blue & White Uniform/Stretched Body), Spider-Man (Wave 7), Iron Man (Classic Armor/Flying), Emma Frost (Diamond Form), Ultimate Hulk, Falcon

Dee McNamara



  1. Kelly

    Holy moly, those are tons of characters! Of course, the vast majority are Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Iron Man. A lot of them are so cute!

  2. Billy

    They look cute for little kids or a serious figure collector. They shouldn’t waste time with the Booby Drake figure though. lol

  3. Kristin

    These are really cute, but there certainly are a LOT of them. And yeah, a huge overuse of Spidey, Wolverine and Hulk.

    Hasbro also did a series of Star Wars figures in the same fashion, called Galactic Heroes.

  4. These things freak me out.

  5. I absolutly loves this line of figures. They’re so cute! I don’t own any, but if I ever see a discounted Galactus, then I’ll buy it. It’s so funny seeing the destroyer of worlds with a big ole friendly smile on his face. lol

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