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April 22, 2011

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Hasbro’s 19″ Galactus with Silver Surfer!

When it comes to big guys in the Marvel Universe there aren’t too many that come any bigger than Galactus! Since a life size figure would be out of the question, the next best thing is this massive 19 inch Galactus Action Figure available at!

The package itself is pretty impressive: from the artwork of Galactus with his herald, the Silver Surfer, to the sheer size of it. Even while still in the packaging, Galactus poses quite the intimidating figure once you pull back the “cover” of the box. The first thing you’ll notice is the hole in the window that says “Try Me!” When the button on his chest is pressed, Galactus’ booming voice will shout one of the MANY phrases he’s programmed with. As he “speaks” his eyes and the clear blue parts of his helmet light up to add to the effect. Since I didn’t know he came with speech capabilities this was one hell of a surprise!

Galactus w/ Silver Surfer
Company: Hasbro
Released: Summer 2010
Where to Buy:
Price: US $89.99
Height: 19 ” (Silver Surfer – 3 3/4″)

As I sat contemplating whether or not to take him out of the packaging, I was impressed with the actual design and just how cool this huge action figure looked. Due to his costume, not much of Galactus’s face is visible, but the amount of detail used in what can be seen is great. You even get the classic Galactus sneer, properly projecting the arrogance of the “World Eater.” After repeatedly pressing the button to hear all of the phrases, I decided I should remove Galactus and the Silver Surfer from their packaging.






The sculpt of Galactus and the amount of detail on this figure is ridiculously accurate making it a great looking piece. The helmet itself has most of the intricate elements, since his costume is a fairly simple one. The use of the black paint to illustrate the various shadows on parts of the head piece is a great touch of realism to a figure that would be so massive as to cast shadows on itself. The translucent blue sections that light up are clearly distinguishable, and just as detailed on the top as they are on the back of the helmet.

When it comes to the coloring of the figure, Hasbro chose to use a shade of maroon rather than the actual purple seen over the years in the Marvel comics, and even on the box art. This was a little off putting at first, however, once you get used to it you realize that it still works, and doesn’t take anything away from the action figure. The figure itself has very little paint bleed and you can tell a lot of attention was given to make sure Galactus looks good. The only spot where I noticed some paint bleed was where the face and mask/helmet meet, but it’s not messy and distracting like on various inferior action figures.

For a giant 19″ inch action figure I’ll admit that Galactus had more articulation points than anticipated! He’s not known for being the most agile guy in the Marvel U, and his movements stay within those limits. This was a great idea as it helps keep the character of Galactus intact by not exaggerating what he can do. Due to his size and the great sculpt of his face, when you do pose the figure, you get something cool almost every time. He’s a little stiff at first, but once you begin to move and position the arms, legs, head, and waist things start to move a bit easier. He also has movement at the ankles, and wrists, but the knees proved to be the most difficult to reposition. With his size you really can’t complain about stability because he’s perfectly balanced due to the size of his feet. He’s also deceptively heavy, so be a little careful when handling the big guy.

Now, Galactus wouldn’t be complete without a herald to search the galaxy to find a suitable planet for him to consume. So the most famous of them all, the Silver Surfer, is packaged along with him! Surfer is the standard size of the regular Marvel Universe figures (3 3/4″), and comes with his trusty board that allows him to “surf” the depths of space. There was a bit of frustration getting one of  the feet to attach to the foot peg on the board, as well as trying to get him to stand without it. The sculpt of the character is a nice one which perfectly captures Surfer’s likeness. I’m also liking the fact that a shiny paint was used instead of the milky white that I’ve seen on other Silver Surfer figures.

Along with being packaged with the Silver Surfer, you also get the “Top Secret” dossier containing specs on Galactus, complete with a picture drawn by Marvel’s Joe Q.  Sadly, there isn’t anything regarding the Silver Surfer which didn’t make sense to me since he comes with Galactus. He also comes with the 3 AAA batteries needed to power his speech ability, and when it’s time to replace them, there’s an easy to remove plate on his back covering the housing. This also has been seamlessly worked into the sculpt to not take away from the presentation of the action figure.


If you’re a collector of the regular sized Marvel figures than you’d be crazy NOT to add Galactus to your collection! I could only imagine how this would look in someone’s possession surrounded by other Marvel Universe action figures. Even if you’re not one to play with your toys, this 19″ Galactus has style and just screams “cool” when displayed on any mantle. Not only is his look on par with some of the finer statues available, but he’s got some pretty cool phrases ready to shout at the press of a button. This is the “World Eater” in all of his glory and splendor, and I couldn’t be happier at how this figure looks, especially when towering over the Silver Surfer figure that comes packaged with him!

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  1. I saw that at SDCC! It looked awesome!! Sadly it was too rich for my blood.

  2. I saw it at NYCC last year but it was the different colored variant which is darker. It looked great surrounded by all of the other figures they had. I’m not a fan of the smaller figures as I usually stick w/ statues and busts but this guy just looked too good to pass up!

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