October 15, 2009

Ghostbusters 3? Murray says “Not Interested!”

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Ghostbusters released June 8, 1984, with one sequel that paled in comparison released five years later in 1989; the world would have to wait for more than 20 years for another Ghostbusters movie.

ghostbusters3There has long been buzz and speculation amongst the internet community about a possible Ghostbusters 3 movie in the works; if there is a Ghostbusters 3 being made, Bill Murray has yet to sign on. Murray was recently interviewed by Absolute Radio, at the premiere of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Murray explained that he has yet to see a script and until he reads a script, and it is really really good, he is not interested in doing Ghostbusters 3. While Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg are still working on a script with the help of  Harold Ramis. This my friends is sad news for all fans of this franchise. Without Murray in the picture,  I truly don’t see a Ghostbusters 3 ever being released. Hopefully they are able to re-unite the original cast again. It was originally reported back in May with the entire cast, including Murray and Sigourney Weaver. Well my friends one can only wait and see; like you, I will be waiting patiently, albeit extremely excitedly, for this potential movie.

Scott Andrews



  1. Kristin

    Your best bet for a GB3 is probably the video game. That was written and voiced by original cast members. And considering how long THAT took to put together…. That’s probably all there will be.

  2. InfiniteSpeech

    well the news isn’t THAT bad, all he is waiting for is a GOOD script. Why commit to something before seeing the script? If he’s comitted before reading the script and doesn’t like what he reads then it’s even more of a mess…for as much as he’s done in cinema and as long as he’s been around i think he’s allowed that choice to be “picky”

  3. Jeff Jackson

    This is a long time in coming. I don’t blame him though. It’s time that Hollywood stops making movies “just because” (although I do realize this will always be the case). I’d love to see a Ghostbusters that surpasses even the first one. I’d hate to see another Indiana Jones-esque debacle.

  4. billy

    I don’t see this ever happening and if it does the chances of it being any good are slim to none.

  5. I actually liked the second movie a lot…

  6. DecapitatedDan

    What! A part 3. Come on now. Are they the ghosts since there so old?

  7. billy

    @Andy-are you serious?

  8. I read an interview with Harold Ramis in Toyfare #144, and he said he pretty much keeps in touch with all the original ‘Ghostbusters’ except Murry. I guess after miraculously dodging the ‘Space Jam’ bullet, he’s working hard to maintain his hipster status gained by roles in the Wes Anderson and Sophia Coppolla flicks.

    Good Article Scott!

  9. Princess Powerful

    Yea, I don’t blame Murray.

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