March 22, 2011

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 03/16/11

Batman #708
Writer: David Hine
Artists: Guillem March
Cover Artist: Guillem March
Publisher: DC

If you guys thought you were getting a story about the Falcone family, you’ll have to wait a couple months. Instead, this issue is the start of a multi-series crossover. This issue focuses on the Crusader and Azrael and their test to see which of the three – Catwoman, Batman (Dick), or Red Robin – is pure. Or at least that’s as much as I gathered. From the start the issue felt off, which is probably because the actual story didn’t start here. That being said, the issue wasn’t an all together failure. The art was fantastic. Guillem March, who did his own colors in this book, did a fantastic job that almost makes you forgive the story’s weaknesses. He uses vibrant colors and strong linework to create a beautiful issue. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the story to match up to the art. The plot isn’t terrible, however it feels as if the writer expects the reader to know information we haven’t been given. In essence, if art is your thing, then this book will be a pleasure. If not, you might leave feeling a little confused. 2.5/5

Brightest Day #22
Writers: Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Scott Clark, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado
Cover Artist: Gary Frank, Nathan Eyring, and Ivan Reis
Publisher: DC

Notably absent for a long while now, the Anti-Monitor makes his return to Brightest Day. For a while now, Firestorm, Jason, and Ronnie have been on the hunt looking for Deathstorm, who has kidnapped the Professor and Jason’s father. What they end up finding, however, is far worse. In order to protect the White Lantern, Firestorm battles against the immensely powerful Anti-Monitor. With each other’s help, and a selfless sacrifice, the duo are able to save the White Lantern.
I thought this issue was really great. Over the entirety of Brightest Day, Firestorm has had one of the more interesting story lines, in my opinion, and I think it does a great job of coming to an end, or an almost end. What is to become of the duo still remains uncertain, though I’m sure with only two issues left in the series we will be finding out soon enough. Up until now the Life Entity has not come off as a very likeable being, and unfortunately that continues on into this book. It is getting to a point where I’m almost rooting for its death, which leads me to this question: if an entity dies, does everything it personifies die as well?  3.5/5

Red Robin #21
Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artists: Marcus To, Ray McCarthy, and Guy Major
Cover Artists: Marcus To, Ray McCarthy, and Brian Bucalletto
Publisher: DC

The Unternet has been nagging at Tim for a while now, and for the most part that problem comes to an end. It is revealed that the power source for this corrupt realm is four individuals: the Madmen, who are completely insane individuals. The immediate solution to Tim’s problem would be to kill the four guys, however, that wasn’t an option. Luckily, Tim realized that a bit of electricity severs each of their connection, unfortunately it keeps them stuck in their state of insanity. Tim takes them down and orders the destruction of the Unternet, however, what he doesn’t realize is that Lonnie has some other plans for it.
For whatever reason I haven’t found this Unternet story to be as exciting as previous Red Robin arcs. Did I think the writing was strong? Definitely. Fabian Nicieza has been writing consistently strong, well written series. Likewise, Marcus To continues to deliver a beautiful book month after month and this issue is no different. Maybe it was because of the Teen Titans crossover that came up in the middle, but while this Unternet story has been good, I’ve come to expect great. 4/5

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #5
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist(s): CAFU, Bit, and George Perez
Cover Artist(s): Francis Manapul
Publisher: DC

Everything has been building up to this very moment. The issue starts us off with a flashback explaining how Toby came to be; you read that right. It is also revealed that Toby’s brother, in fact, bought the terrorist group known as Spider. Meanwhile, Colleen, who is stuck on the outside, finally gets to show us all why she got to be in the position she is in. Rallying Lightning, freeing NoMan and Dynamo, she infiltrates Spider’s stronghold with seemingly little effort.
Well hot damn. This issue was all kinds of fantastic. Toby, who has been my favorite character from the get go, is spotlighted in this issue and man does he have a story to be told. It will be interesting to see what explanation Nick Spencer gives for the Menthor helmet’s actions. More importantly, however, I think what Spencer does a tremendous job with in this issue is the blurring between good and bad. The ethical boundaries have already been in question with regards to the repercussions of the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents’ new powers. With this issue we get to see behind the mindset of the terrorist group Spider’s leader, and that line between good and evil is blurred even more. Coupled with an excellent story is beautiful artwork, which brings Spencer’s words to life. 4.5/5

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Arnab Pradhan



  1. I’m loving T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents more and more each issue…it’s the exact opposite with Brightest Day. What a let down that series has turned into. I’m hoping the payoff is worth it, but with only 2 issues to go, I’m skeptical.

  2. I love T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. Those of you not reading should definitely pick it up.

    Brightest Day, I don’t hate it. There are parts that I’ve enjoyed. However, as every issue passes by I’m not really getting a purpose for it all.

  3. Billy

    THUNDER AGENTS does sound very cool. I don’t know about Brightest Day though. It seems to lack the intensity that Blackest Night had.

  4. Anisa

    T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents is always a really great read, thankfully.

    Batman was very strange. And I totally agree with you about Guillem March. His art and coloring was fantastic and the only real saving grace.

    I also agree about Red Robin. It’s been a fun read but it’s good not great.

  5. I may have to check out T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents.

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