March 24, 2011

Marvel Reviews: Iron Man 2.0 #2

Iron Man 2.0 #2
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist(s): Barry Kitson, Kano & Carmine Di Giandomenico
Cover: Salvador Larroca & Frank D’Armata

“Palmer Addley Is Dead pt 2”: Soldiers in a U.S. Military base in Baghdad have successfully stopped a suicide bomber from destroying the installation. Only to have one of their own remove the bomb from the containment unit and say, “Palmer Addley is dead,” right before the explosion in the center of the base. Afterwards we have War Machine attempting to ask the help of Suzi Endo to possibly find out who the bomb came from. Why Suzi Endo, you ask? Well, she does in forty-five seconds what Rhodey’s team couldn’t do in nine hours. With the info given to him, he’s off to Russia to see what he can find, and if you take a look at the cover of this issue you can see that things don’t go too well for War Machine.

With this issue Spencer shifts a bit more towards War Machine and deals less directly with the Palmer Addley situation other than the bombing. I’m going to assume that with the events of this issue we’ll see an upgraded War Machine, because he definitely gets his ass handed to him. Spencer’s introduction of Suzi was great and it was nice to see how he played her and Rhodey off of each other in their sequence. I was confused, though, as to why the hell he would just burst through the window during her conference. It just seemed unnecessary and fell a bit flat to me. I am interested in seeing how Spencer fleshes out members of Rhodey’s new team, but it was good to see Suzi as she brings a connection to Rhodey’s past exploits. Other than that, Spencer is giving us a well paced build on what seems to be a good story arc.

When we get to the artwork in the issue I can say that the few pages that focused on the conversation between War Machine and Suzi just didn’t hold up to the rest of the book. Everything else looked pretty good and I especially liked the opening sequence as it stood out more than the rest of the issue. Those final few pages where War Machine is checking the compound in Russia were done nicely, especially the multiple impaled bodies and the explosion at the end. It was an unexpected scene that worked well and brought a bit of creepiness to the issue.

The team on Iron Man 2.0 still brings a solid issue and I’ve got to say that this has one of the most interesting villains that I’ve seen. Or at least his methods of attack, which I won’t spoil for anyone who hasn’t read the first issue. I am still confused as to why “Iron Man” is in the title when it’s a book  about War Machine, but at least it’s a fun read!

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  1. Billy

    Sounds like Rhodey is gonna open up a can on some Russkies!

  2. I just hope the series lasts for a while under Spencer’s hand. Rhodey has a lot of potential because there’s still so much that can be done with him as long as they (Marvel) don’t allow him to just become an Iron Man clone.

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  4. […] skill as a writer, but it just seems like this is all forced and I’d rather get back to the Palmer Addley situation ASAP. THAT was a story arc worth reading and it’s a shame we had to break from that to make […]

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