March 2, 2011

South Fellini Reviews: D.O.G.S. of Mars #1

D.O.G.S. of Mars #1
South Fellini
Writer(s): Tony Trov, Christian Weiser, Johnny Zito
Artist(s): Paul Maybury
Cover: Rahzzah

A few months back we previewed South Fellini’s  D.O.G.S. of Mars, and last week the first issue (of four) was finally released over at  Comixology, for free! DoM is a great sci-fi/horror adventure about a group of astronauts stationed on Mars that soon come to realize they are not alone. The 22 page first issue begins at a very dramatic moment, as Captain Zoe, the leader of this rag tag group, is being mutinied against by her first officer and others for a “murder” that they feel she is responsible for. Just as the ladies are about to “resolve” their differences, all hell breaks loose.

The story then jumps back 30 hours earlier, and we start to uncover how things got to that point. The flash back introduces some of the major characters, including Zoe’s first officer, Commander Turk, and her husband, Dr. Barnes. During a ping pong tournament…err, sorry “table tennis” match, we get to peek at the animosity that exists between Zoe and Turk. Later, due to a major power outage, Zoe takes the crew out of the base on a mission, a mission that Turk openly objects to. Things end up going south pretty quickly on said mission, and then…wouldn’t you know it, a cliffhanger ending!

Let me start off by saying that Rahzzah’s covers to D.O.G.S. of Mars are amazing! He captures an amazingly haunting vision of these strong, kick ass women. Maybury’s style of art also works very well to complement this kind of scary, sci-fi story. His backgrounds feel like they are from another planet, and his ability to do both gruesome and creepy only enhances the feel of the story. As for writing partners Trov, Zito, and Weiser, they do a great job of creating a story with interesting characters, and a plot full of drama, suspense, action, and horror. Zito has said of D.O.G.S., “This is a love letter to gorecore, grindhouse and early 90’s Mtv cartoons.” And co-creator Trov has added, “It’s Star Trek meets Lord of the Flies for horror fans.” With that kind of ambition put into this project, I don’t have to tell you that D.O.G.S. of Mars is a series you won’t want to miss! You can check out more comic book goodness from Tony Trov and Johnny Zito over at

Cover to issue #2

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  1. The series sounds like it’s off to a great start and that cover to issue 2 looks nice!

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