February 22, 2011

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 02/16/11

Welcome everyone to a dose of DC reviews on this grand Tuesday. I’ve got four books for you guys that will be sure to keep you enthralled and entertained.

Minor spoilers ahead!

Batman #707
Writer: Tony Daniel
Artists: Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea, and Ryan Winn
Cover Artist: Tony Daniel
Publisher: DC

The first arc of Tony Daniel’s second run on Batman ends here, with the current story nicely finished and the next story looming in the shadows. The issue begins with Batman in a bit of a pickle, with Luki Lo, Lucius and Tam Fox, and Batman himself tied up and tossed into the ocean. The ever crafty hero rescues the other three, and they are joined by I-Ching on their quest to prevent Sensei from obtaining the Beholder. Before Batman can stop him, Sensei uncovers the mask and claims it for himself. Unfortunately for him, the mask was destined for one person, Luki.
This was a great issue to cap off a very strong arc. Tony Daniel has a great handle on Dick Grayson, both in the way he writes him and in the way he draws him. He is able to bring in the lightness of Grayson while also incorporating a level of seriousness that is required of the cowl. The story was concluded in a logical manner, explaining why Sensei was resurrected, and what would become of the Beholder. The reveal at the end, which explains the Riddler’s appearance earlier in the arc, is a setup for the future, and I for one can’t wait. 4/5

Brightest Day #20
Writers: Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Julio Ferreira
Cover Artists: Gary Frank, Nathan Eyring, and Ivan Reis
Publisher: DC

As Brightest Day comes to an end, I think everyone would agree that the White Lantern Entity is crazy. The last issue left us with the King of the Sea being relieved of his right hand. This issue started off with a quick scene with Deadman, who argues with the White Ring, which tells him that it was the one who opened the Bermuda Triangle causing this battle to take place. Down at the beach, Mera arrives with reinforcements in the form of Aquagirl, and along with Aqualad and Aquaman, the four mount a battle against Mera’s people. In a show of absolute brilliance, Mera (who has been on a roll since Blackest Night) takes control of the entire ocean and banishes her people into the abyss, saving the humans on land. Not to be outdone, Aquaman summons an army of undead animals and drives the assailants back into the triangle, where Aqualad seals them in. Just when things were looking good, that pesky White Ring pops in again.
Ever since her appearance in Blackest Night, Mera has been a great character in the overall Life Entity story. Her actions in this issue do everything to personify just how much of a force to be reckoned with she is. The entire Aqua-gang were prominently featured in this issue, and each of them played an important role. With the final scene of the issue, all I’m left thinking is, who will die next? Whether or not that is the intention, I can’t help but want a semblance of an explanation, and soon. 4/5

Green Lantern #62
Writer: Geoff Johns
Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, and Tom Nguyen
Cover Artists: Gary Frank, Randy Mayor, and Alex Garner
Publisher: DC

Krona, the recently returned banished Guardian, goes after the remaining entities in this issue. Hal Jordan attempts to prevent the exiled Guardian to leave with the entities by engaging him in a fantastic battle. Energy constructs fly left and right, entities are broken out of their Lantern Prisons, all while Krona goes on and on about his intelligence. Though Hal and Atrocitus are able to hold their own, Krona uses the Avarice Entity to distract everyone while he takes his leave. Hal awakens in a hospital room, broken, and is approached by the different Lantern Corps to join them in their hunt for Krona.
This issue was great. From time to time the series has drifted away from Hal, but this issue brought it all back to him. Starting with the battle between Hal and Krona, where Hal finally is able to show off some of his skill with the ring, to the final scene where Hal chooses the Lanterns over the JLA. While I anticipated his decision, I was nonetheless disappointed with Hal’s decision. I found it appropriate when Batman broached the topic of Atrocitus’s murdering rampage and found Hal’s response interesting. The art was great the entire issue, up until Mahnke had to draw the JLA, who I felt looked weird, especially in comparison to the other characters. 4/5

Green Lantern Corps #57
Writer: Tony Bedard
Artists: Tyler Kirkham, Batt, and Rob Hunter
Cover Artists: Tyler Kirkham, Batt, and Ruffino
Publisher: DC

The Weaponer’s arc comes to a fiery conclusion as we get ready for the War of the Green Lanterns. The forces of Qward rally behind their exiled brother (there appears to be quite a bit of exiling in the Green Lantern realm) and mount an attack against the Yellow Lanterns. The Green Lanterns on Qward struggle to maintain their peace treaty while holding back Sinestro’s forces. Out of the blue, Firestorm arrives, having been drawn to the location by the Weaponer’s weapon which is powered by the White Light. Sinestro, in a showing of tremendous power, overcomes the Weaponer and claims him for the Sinestro Corps.
While I enjoyed the issue and the overall arc, I felt the ultimate conclusion to be fairly anti-climactic. The Weaponer’s entire motivation was to destroy Sinestro, and after a couple of punches he agrees to be his slave? It seems like a convenient way to end the arc in preparation for the next arc. Likewise, it seems odd that the Green Lanterns would be fighting the Yellow Lanterns at the beginning issue and then fly off to join them in battle by the end of the issue. The Weaponer was such a cool, strong character when initially introduced, and by the end of this issue he seems like the shell of the man he was four issues ago. Plus, is it just me or does Sinestro come off as more powerful than any other Lantern, regardless of color? 3.5/5

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Arnab Pradhan



  1. Anisa

    The white ring is annoying me but I thought as a whole the Brightest Day issue was a fantastic read.

    I’m so glad that Tony Daniel is doing the writing and art for Batman, he’s awesome!

  2. I think the White Ring is crazy too.

  3. Billy

    GL #62 sounds awesome! That is the one DC book I must eventually read!!!

  4. @Billy – Green Lantern has been strong for a while now. It’s really good stuff, as long as you’re not looking for a book just about Hal Jordan. It’s more of a “Lantern” book, which I like.

  5. Billy

    @Arnab- That sounds even better, being that I’m not a huge Hal fan. I like John Stewart the best, followed by Kyle, then Hal.

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