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February 22, 2011

Touring the Cosmos: Green Lantern

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Written by: mike
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One of the better cosmic reads of late has easily been Green Lantern. With the coming movie this summer, and the War of the Green Lanterns event on the horizon, it is a really good time to be a fan of DC’s ring slinger. On top of all that, I have to say all three Green Lantern titles that are coming are great reads in themselves. Let’s take a look at each and see what makes them great.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #7

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Fernando Pasarin and Cam Smith

Emerald Warriors is the newest title to join the Green Lantern mythos. At first, I thought this was going to be just another way for DC to really milk the fans of a popular character. But, you know what, I enjoy this title just as much as the others. It stars Guy Gardner, Kilowog, Arisia, and sometimes Sodam Yat. Sure, not the most popular of characters, but Tomasi has brought some of his best writing by making this book interesting. The concept of this title is pretty cool as well. It centers around Gardner, who has an uneasy alliance with Atrocitus. Arisia and Kilowog have thrown in with Guy, although they aren’t very happy about Guy’s lying. A new villain was created that is working in tandem with Krona, the big GL villain these days. With some pretty slick covers by Rodolfo Migliari and detailed interior art by Pasarin and Smith, Emerald Warriors is a great addition to the GL family.

Green Lantern Corps #57

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artists: Tyler Kirkham and Batt

Since the arrival of Tony Bedard, Green Lantern Corps has really made a great turnaround. Not to say that Tomasi was doing a bad job, but now that Emerald Warriors has taken some of the characters away from Corps, both books are the better for it. Kirkham’s interiors do a great justice to star-spanning combat, as well as planet-side battles. In a cosmic book, you always appreciate the more eccentric characters, and Bedard has done a great job with that in his current story by bringing The Weaponer of Qward to the table. Really great character moments between Sinestro and Soranik Natu add depth to this title, and the appearance by Firestorm is just the icing on the cake. Definitely a great read.

Green Lantern #62

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Doug Mahnke and Keith Champagne

Johns really gets what makes Green Lantern great. He has spent a lot of time fleshing out the supporting cast behind Hal, as well as his relationship with the other heroes of the DCU. This issue was so packed with action, history, and character moments that it is easy to see why Johns and Green Lantern have won so many awards. I mean, when you can fit a battle with Krona, a history lesson about the guardians, and banter between Hal and Batman all in one book, you really have something going on. This issue is starting to really get me pumped for the War of the Green Lanterns, especially with that little teaser at the end that was also in GLC. Mahnke has really made a mark by putting out some great work here as well, with lots of support from Champagne.

I never thought that I would see all three Green Lantern related titles be good. Seriously, I always figured one of them would be the lame duck and I would always gravitate toward one over the other. Each title has found its own niche, and they all compliment each other really well. I loved the fact that when Sinestro was on Qward in GLC, you didn’t see him in the main GL book. It’s these little things that fans have come to appreciate, and Johns and Co. have done a great job of executing this. Yes, even after the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night, Green Lantern is still awesome and has no signs of slowing down.

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Mike Parente



  1. Billy

    That GL #62 sounds great Mike. I liked what I read about Emerald Warriors too. I love GG and Wog.

  2. GL 62 had it’s upside but it just really didn’t do it for me. The only part I did enjoy was the background on Krona other than that I’m tired of the issues with Batman and Hal. They sound like two old married people always bitchin’ at each other. I’m just hoping that War of the Green Lanterns comes off a lot better.

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