February 13, 2011

Image Reviews: Spawn #202

Spawn #202
Writer: Will Carlton
Artist: Szymon Kudranski
Cover: Whilce Portacio & Todd McFarlane

Things have slowed down since the events of Spawn #200, with the main focus being on Jim as the character and reader begin to discover his past together. After displaying his “healing touch” on a television talk show, Jim’s level of stardom has begun to rise and appearance offers are rolling in, which is why Marc accepts a meeting on Jim’s behalf with a very powerful businessman, Mr. Ramos. The gentleman turns out to be the vampire who confronted Jim in the last issue in which he took a briefcase that contains information about Jim’s past. So let’s just say that this was a very tense meeting, though Ramos does in fact offer Jim one piece of his past which only offers up more questions.

When Kudranski took over artistic duties in Spawn #201 I was amazed at how well the book kept that dark and creepy look for most of the issue. His panels were great in the fact that they told as much of the story as Carlton’s words, and it kind of upset me that I hadn’t seen his work before. Well, some of that praise is transferred over to this issue, except for the times where I noticed that some characters didn’t look the same from page to page or panel to panel. It probably would have gone unnoticed, but a couple of times the appearance was so different I had to check a few times to make sure it was the same guy talking. That was probably the only thing that bothered me about the issue. Ramos’s conversation with Spawn was done well, especially when the sunlight was let into the room to assault Spawn. It was just a pretty big contrast to most of the book which was very dark.

Carlton brings us another dialog-filled issue that teases that there’s something big on the horizon. I’m just hoping that something happens soon, because aside from the discussion between Ramos and Jim along with the very well written scenes with Spawn favorites Sam and Twitch, the issue was really hit and miss for me. I understand the need to set up and establish the new direction, but certain things felt a bit rushed. Especially when it came to Marc’s girl hitting on Jim. It seemed like it was done just to set up and complicate things after Jim’s reveal about his past. Then there were some panels that just kind of dragged on a bit. Now seeing Twitch visiting Sam in the hospital was a definite plus, as it helped to break up the main plot, and as I said before was just a well written sequence. Plus the looming fact that he’s in a lot more danger than anyone realizes gives the scenes that much more weight.

A lot of times when we’re told that a character is “moving in a new direction,” we’re still treated to more of the same after that particular issue. Carlton and Kudranski are definitely making this Spawn feel like something new altogether, and for that they should be congratulated. For a new reader these past couple of issues would be a great starting point. For those of us who have been with Spawn from the beginning, this new direction may take some getting used to, but it’s definitely worth a try.

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  1. Billy

    Unconsistent artwork is one of my pet peeves with some smaller publishers. I was never a Spawn fan but I do like the dark tone & scenes. 😀

  2. His work wasn’t inconsistent as in some panels were good and some weren’t it’s just that the faces changed a bit but it was the same character speaking and it got a little confusing sometimes. I like this guys style and it definitley fits this book but after going over issue 201 again and comparing it to this one I definitely feel that the previous issue looked better. But hey, he’s only two issues into the series so I’m not gonna complain much, hell he’s a much better artist than I am 🙂

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