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February 5, 2011

Gotta Have It! Statue Edition: Chun Li PVC Statue

The 9 ½” tall Chun Li PVC Statue is clad in her classic blue dress and spiked bracelets. As with any inspired depiction, Chun Li’s trademark muscular legs are counterbalanced by her swirling poise and swan-like gracefulness. Her delicate beauty belies both her stern determination and the ferocity of her dizzying attack style—granting her a measure of leverage against many of her adversaries.

After the murder of her father, Chun Li investigated and confronted the responsible party, M. Bison, only to be quickly outmatched by Bison’s psycho power. Chun Li eventually became an Interpol agent in the hopes of breaking the power of the Shadoloo organization; towards this end, Chun Li formed an alliance with Guile. Later on, Chun Li entered the Street Fighter Tournament, not for the sake of glory but instead for the opportunity to defeat Bison and avenge her father’s death.

Chun Li PVC Statue
Statue Manufacturer:
Organic Hobby USA
Dimensions: 9 1/2 inches tall
Released: 2007
Retail Price: $48.99

Easily one of the most recognizable faces in gaming, Chun Li has stood the test of time next to gaming’s greatest. It’s no secret that she’s one of the best players in Street Fighter, a respectable and admirable position alongside some of her beefy cohorts. Though I grew up playing tons more Mortal Kombat, I couldn’t stop coming back to Street Fighter. The characters alone are all quite interesting and a little more fun to play. Chun Li is no exception. With her killer thighs (literally), innocent feminine face, and spinning bird kicks, she won over my favor from the start. A classy, beautiful, deadly fighter…who means business.

Many companies have produced Chun Li figures that look great, but some fall a little short. Organic USA managed to capture the elegance and beauty of Chun Li while also incorporating a look of strength and fortitude. Her infamous muscular legs are rendered quite beautifully and really showcase where her power lies. Some designers skimp on her meaty thighs to produce a girlier figure, but Organic USA did a fine job of combining elegance and power.

Chun Li’s paint job is superb. No evidence of bleeding lies anywhere on the statue, each color carefully giving way to the next. If you look closely, you will notice a very intricate design on the girdle, which is painted carefully onto this figure. The mixture of gold and silver shimmers with matte blues and browns, all meshing together very well here, which can sometimes make a statue look cheap or overdone.

The stance in which she is posed in is very Chun Li. She balances quite excellently on the rather generic black stand that comes in the box. You really get a sense of movement out of this pose. It’s very original and poignant compared to the overly-sexed statues that usually populate the Japanaverse.

Overall, I give this figure a 4.5/5. The paint job is incredibly well done, her pose is fun and flirty, and her notorious qualities are captured with finesse and beauty. Add a sturdy base and you have yourself a nice contender for your toy shelf!

Melissa Kay



  1. Kristin

    The painting looks very well done, especially around her waist. Her face seems a little off, though. The pose is great (very dynamic), but I think they could have gone a little further with her thighs.

  2. I agree with Kris about the face and the thighs but it does look like a great piece overall. I actually just wish it was a little bigger

  3. Billy

    Looks good to me! 😀

  4. The thighs could definitely be a bit bigger. She’s not too skinny, but they *could* use a little beefing up!

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