February 6, 2011

DC Reviews: Detective Comics #873

Detective Comics #873
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Scott Snyder
Art/Cover: Jock
Price: US $2.99 (Part of DC’s “Drawing the line at $2.99” commitment!)
Release Date: January 26, 2011

***CAUTION: This Review Contains Spoilers!***

The Black Mirror, Part 3.

Drawing on the teachings from his parents on how to survive in a trapeze act, Dick Grayson manages to escape the clutches of the mad crowd at the Mirror House auction. The gas, however, isn’t done playing tricks on his mind. Once he has somewhat recovered, he’s after The Dealer once again. This time, using a Bat Plane and a jazzed up flying suit, he catches up to The Dealer’s cargo plane and foils the getaway in stand-up-and-cheer fashion. Aboard the plane, there is a final showdown between Batman and The Dealer, who is hopped up on Venom and Man-Bat juice. At the end of the story, we’re left with a little hint that Dick may be getting himself lost in the ways of the bat, such as Bruce has.

The first of the two debut story arcs from Scott Snyder has been put to rest. Jock was given a whole issue this time to dazzle us with his “perfect for Gotham” style. Whether this is the last we will see of The Dealer and his twisted collection of artifacts is unclear, but it is clear that Detective Comics will take Dick Grayson down a dark and mysterious road filled with new villains and new tests of his character. I’m excited to see how Snyder and Francesco Francavilla wrap up Skeleton Cases later this month and what lies beyond for Gotham City’s Batman.

Aron White



  1. I really love this cover for some reason!

  2. Billy

    It sounds like Dick is really coming into his own. I’d still rather see Bruce back in the suit and Dick as Nightwing, but things seem to be going well with this set up. (“Man-Bat Juice”-lol)

  3. Aron

    @ Speech, I know! The whole month, DC has had these cool, coordinated covers. They look kinda neet on the shelves together.

    @ Billy, Bruce IS wearing the suit again. His bat has the yellow around it again and he has a giant Bat-Nutsack-Protecor.

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