February 5, 2011

IDW Reviews: Transformers: Infestation #1

Transformers: Infestation #1
Writers:Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artist: Nick Roche
Cover: John K. Snyder III

**Minor Spoilers**

Zombies are spreading out into parallel universes and the first one they hit is inhabited by everyone’s favorite robots in disguise. Transformers: Infestation #1 picks up after the events of Infestation #1, as Galvatron’s ship comes crashing into Las Vegas carrying not only his Decepticon followers, but a load of zombies trying to infect everything they see. The Autobots show up pretty quickly and all of a sudden it turns into the usual pissing contest between the two groups, all the while flesh and robot zombies are spilling out of the ship killing and infecting the citizens and Transformers alike. During all of the fighting between Autobot and Decepticon, along with both of them trying to fend off the zombies, Kup begins to freak out, but he also notices that something about this entire situation just isn’t right. Then we get a surprise visit from a very unexpected character who puts everyone on notice!

I was really pumped to get this issue and see how the Transformers fit into all of this zombie madness, and the fact that it’s written by Abnett and Lanning didn’t hurt either. However, by the end of the issue it just wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Maybe I had built it up too much in my mind, but there were certain parts that left me scratching my head more than anything. The set up was great, but the arguing between Prime and Galvatron was more annoying to me than anything. There were people dying all around them, and yet Prime and Bumble Bee’s focus for a while is just stopping the Decepticons. Everyone knows they’re mortal enemies, but with all of the destruction going on around them you’d think the Autobots would put away their differences for a second to make sure the people of Earth were okay. Now there were several high points in the story, and Nick Roche’s artwork helped get a lot of those across. The scene where the Autobots first arrive in Vegas was just perfect, and it was a cool idea to change up his style to illustrate how Kup’s view on reality was changing. There were many action scenes throughout and though a couple were a bit confusing, they still wound up looking pretty good.

The Transformers are a pretty well known franchise, however, maybe an introduction to several of the characters like the one used in Infestation #1 would have been a bit helpful to someone who doesn’t follow the IDW series. With the second part of this issue coming out in two weeks, I’m hoping that Abnett and Lanning bring a bit more to the story, but keep it fun. I’m still willing to see where this thing goes since it’s only one more issue, I’m just hoping it will be worth it.

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  1. Billy

    That artwork does look pretty impressive, and I think this was the toughest tie-in (as far as writing) with the Transformers vs Zombies for sure. I mean, robots vs zombies and in 2 parts is a tough sell. Hey, where’s Megatron?

  2. I honestly can’t say Billy, I don’t read the IDW Transformers series which is why a brief recap/bio would have been a cool thing just to familiarize readers.

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