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January 29, 2011

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: DC Direct Mister Miracle Action Figure

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Written by: Melissa
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Hot from the pages of COUNTDOWN, inspired by the work of Jack Kirby comes the best-loved heroes of the Fourth World Universe: Noble New Genesis residents Orion, Lightray and Mister Miracle, as well as the evil Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips! The MISTER MIRACLE figure stands at 6.75″ and features multiple points of articulation and a base.

Product Line: New Gods Mister Miracle
Company: DC Direct
Released: 2008
Blister Card Packaging
Where to Buy:
Any retail store with a toy department.
US $18.99
6.75 inches

Paint Job: ┬áBesides the occasional area where you can spot another color under the yellow, the paint job on this figure is well well done. There is no apparent bleeding or scratching. Mister Miracle’s contrasting color scheme was successfully captured in this rendering. The colors really do pop – the pictures hardly do it justice. It’s one of the brightest figures in the collection.

Sculpt: Kirby’s art really comes to life in the sculpting of this figure. The muscle ridges, besides adding shape and dimension to the figure, also lend itself to a stylized quality that looks very Kirby. The face is also nicely sculpted. The shining point, however, lies in his flowing cape. It looks fantastic – DC was really able to convey the flow of fabric while still matching the overall rigid scheme of the figure.

Durability: Mister Miracle will hold up a little longer than most of your action figures. He’s made of the same stuff, yes, but appears to be packed solid with no sign of breaking in the near future. He’s crafted in quite a balanced manner.

Poseability: Like all the figures in this series, Mister Miracle has eleven points of articulation. This allows for some nice posing options, but not too many. The cape is very flexible, which allows you to move the figure however you want without hindrance. Sometimes capes or long coats can hinder a figure’s poseability, but this one enhances it.

Accessories: Mister Miracle comes with a solid, decorated stand and the tiniest mother box you ever did see. So tiny in fact, that the figure itself cannot possibly hold it. Kind of annoying, and extremely easy to misplace.

What’s Awesome: The paint job, sculpt, and awesome packaging. The entirety of this figure is eye-catching, fun, and a truly fantastic rendering of one of Kirby’s greatest. Oh, and did I mention the cape? Because yeah…the cape. It’s just awesome.

What Sucks: The lack of working accessories. A motherbox is cool and all, but not when your fingers can barely pick it up. It does not fit in the figure’s hand. Nightmare situation: choking hazard for your pet. A solution? Glue it down to the base.

Overall: I give this figure a 4/5. While the colors are easy enough to paint, DC Direct does so with such finesse that it truly looks as if Mister Miracle stepped off the page and onto your figure shelf. What could be better than a Kirby inspired action figure?

Melissa Kay



  1. Billy

    Nice review! I realkly like this fig. Scott is one of my favorite DC-Kirby characters.

  2. One of mine too! Along with Big Barda. I plan on reviewing her sometime in the near future…

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