October 14, 2009

X-Men/Agents of Atlas #2 Preview

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Written by: Andy
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The opening chapter of this 2 issue mini series written by Jeff Parker and penciled by Carlo Pagulayan started out with a bang, and it would appear as if issue #2 will follow suit! Essentially the plot is that The Agents of Atlas are missing a member and in order to find her they break into Graymalkin Industries and steal Cerebra; the machine that can locate any mutant on the planet. The X-Men come to the defense of their home in transition, and an awesome battle royale ensues! Check out these preview shots of issue #2:







The first issue of this mini-mini-series was AWESOME! The story didn’t feel contrived as Jeff Parker has a solid grasp of the entire cast. Carlo Pagulayan’s art is crisp, clean, and down right gorgeous as it reflects exactly what an X-book should look like; I mean look at that full page spread! Amazing! When I gave Jeff props for the first issue via Twitter and stated that Iceman needed more face time, he tweeted (that word is so obnoxious) me back stating that Bobby will get it. Of course, this news made me have to change my underoos. I’m absolutely pumped for the second issue conclusion! If you’re an X-fan or AoA fan, spend the $8 and check out both issues of this two issue event- you won’t be disappointed.

Andy Liegl



  1. Kristin

    I’m almost afraid to ask…. Who’s the redhead?

  2. billy

    I didn’t get my copy of #1 yet but boy do these scans look good.

  3. @ Kristin- She’s the team member the AoA is trying to locate.

    @ Billy- It’s definitely worth checking out!!

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