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February 1, 2011

Aspen Reviews: Executive Assistant: Iris #6

Executive Assistant: Iris #6
Writer: David Wohl
Eduardo Francisco
Cover: Eduardo Francisco

“End of the Innocence”: It seems that Iris just can’t catch a break or even a small amount of happiness in her life. After becoming involved with a potential mark, he was targeted for an assassination that Iris refused to carry out. Well her boss, Mr. Ching, isn’t the type to take “no” for an answer, so he sends a replacement to do the job and to kill Iris for her failure. However, that is a task that’s easier said than done, but being thought of as dead has its advantages, so Iris begins to plan her move to find and execute the man she has served faithfully for years. The only problem with that is Mr. Ching didn’t get this far by taking chances, and he’s set up a few obstacles for Iris just in case she comes calling. And believe me, she does!

David Wohl’s story has been a very exciting one, and though it has a couple of familiar elements, there’s still a unique feel to it. From the relationship between Iris and Mr. Ching and how she came to be in his services, to her attempt to break free from it all. She’s had someone dictating her every step in life since childhood, so it will be interesting to see how she begins to deal with this new found freedom of hers. So in the last couple of pages, Wohl definitely leaves a worthwhile cliffhanger to make sure you want to see things through and how the story develops.

Francisco’s visuals have been excellent ever since Executive Assistant: Iris #0, and it was good to see him finish the same way he started. The fights are brutal and he’s not afraid to have Iris get a little banged up during her encounters. She may be a highly trained assassin, but she’s still a human being, and that is clearly conveyed in a lot of her fights. Though this issue was pretty heavy on the action, it was nice to see that the same amount of attention was given to the calmer scenes in the issue. There were a couple of panels that did seem a little rushed, but nothing that distracted you from following the visual part of the story.

Executive Assistant: Iris had me a little worried in the beginning, but I’m glad that Wohl fleshed out the character and gave the fans a great story. A very nice balance of action, mystery, sex appeal, and plot that made for a great mini-series. Everything I was worried about this book becoming was clearly avoided, and now with the title moving into its next phase later this year, it’s going to be interesting to see if it stays as good as it started. Hopefully the shipping schedule will be a bit more consistent with the new series, since there were a couple of delays with this series that threw me off a bit. Other than that, there is very little to complain about concerning this title as Executive Assistant: Iris clearly ranks right up there with several of the other female assassins that have appeared in comics.

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  1. Billy

    Is this chick supposed to be an homage to Elektra?

  2. From what I’ve read the only things they have in common is that they’re both sexy and really good at killing people. The story of Iris is based off of a real world practice of executive assistants that are actualy trained assassins/bodyguards in China and Wohl got the idea from a story he read in the paper.

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