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October 14, 2009

Indy Gems: Zombies Invade!

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I am  sponsoring a contest this month!  I need a new banner to advertise Indy Gems on the main page.  The banner needs to be 630 x 250, and say Indy Gems somewhere in the design. Other than that go crazy with it guys. Send all entries to with the subject “Indy Gems Contest”… The deadline to enter is December 1st, so get those entries in before that. I will go over all entries and notify the winner via e-mail on December 20th. Oh I almost forgot what the prizes are; I am giving whoever designs the winning banner a Dynamic Forces New Mutants #1 Alex Ross sketch cover signed by Alex Ross (limited to 300), and a Dynamic Forces Reborn #1 Alex Ross negative cover. Now on with the column!

Welcome back to another edition of Indy Gems, where I just watched Zombieland and am in a zombie mood. So this month I am bringing to you a look at some great zombie comics. If you are a fan of all things undead like I am, then you should love these comics!

zombietalesZombie Tales: The Series
Publisher: Boom Studios
Writer: Various
Artist: Various

Zombie Tales: The Series is exactly what the title says, tales about zombies. Issues #1-3 have a great story called “The War at Home” about disabled veterans in a VA hospital fending off a horde of the undead.  Issue #1 also has a great story called “People Person” about a husband whose wife was recently turned. Issue #2 has a little feature of zombies doing Shakespeare. Issue #3 has an interesting story about casual sex in an undead world. I love this series, and pick them up whenever I can.

The Walking Dead
: Image
Writer: Robert Kirkman

If you haven’t at least heard about The Walking Dead by now, then you probably have been living under a rock. The Walking Dead is easily one of the best comics being released and should be on everyones pull lists. Check out a great review Andy gave of this series here. It features first rate writing about people; the zombies are more of a setting than a character. I can honestly say that this series has actually made me tear up, a sign of some truly great writing. The artwork throughout the entire series has been top notch.  This series will also be made into a television series on AMC in the near future.

nldnewyorkNight of the Living Dead: New York
Publisher: Avatar
Writers: Mike Wolfer, John Russo
Artists: Digikore Studios, Fabio Jansen, Mike Wolfer

In 1968, George A Romero released a film that had an astounding impact in the world of horror, the film Night of the Living Dead. Night of the Living Dead redefined modern horror, and influenced many young filmmakers. Now, Avatar has unleashed a new episode in the classic horror trilogy! Night of the Living Dead: New York! This one-shot contains a tale of terror detailing the attack of flesh-eating ghouls on the unsuspecting populace of America’s largest city!  The island of Manhattan has become an inescapable death-trap. This comic features the highs and lows of the human condition, and what some people are willing to do to survive. The army of the undead has converged on the largest concentration of fresh meat on the East Coast, and with nowhere to run and no hope for escape, all those in the path of the zombie horde face certain, gut-ripping death, as the cannibalistic undead stalk the streets of the Big Apple! An interesting side note to this comic is that it is co-written by one of the co-writers for the Night of the Living Dead movie – John Russo.

nldannualNight of the Living Dead: Annual
Publisher: Avatar
Writers: Mike Wolfer, John Russo
Artists: Edison George, Luis Czerniawski

This is another great one-shot from Avatar that continues the Night of the Living Dead saga, released as a 40th Anniversary special. The zombie horde has spread throughout the entire eastern United States. WIIC-TV studios is still broadcasting emergency procedures and disseminating government bulletins and instructions, but for how much longer its crew can keep broadcasting is unknown, with a growing horde of undead gathering outside. This special bonus-sized tale features appearances by some of the original film’s most memorable characters, including the recently deceased Johnny, Barbra and little Karen Cooper!

kolchakKolchak Tales: Nightstalker of the Living Dead
Publisher: Moonstone
Writer: Christopher Mills
Artist: Tim Hamilton

This mini from Moonstone follows my favorite reporter, Carl Kolchak, who is sent to Georges Corner Nebraska, where he stumbles across a leak at an agricultural research center, and a little zombie infestation. I loved this mini series; it contained two of my favorite things – zombies and Carl Kolchak!

Well that does it for this zombie filled edition of Indy Gems, hope to see you again next Wednesday. I hope you try out some of these great zombie comics; remember there are more zombie comics out there than just The Walking Dead.

Scott Andrews



  1. Zombies perform Shakespeare in Zombie Tales!? Now THAT’S worth checking out!! Do you know what play it is they do?

    And The Walking Dead is by far the best zombie book, in my opinion.

  2. InfiniteSpeech

    IMO Walking Dead has done for zombies in the written form what Night of the Living Dead did for them on the screen! fanstastic pieces of work..i actually was looking to pick up the NOTLD: NY issue

  3. They do little snippets from different plays Andy. NotLD NY is pretty cool, I have a gold foil cover and a close-up cover for it. There is a Land of the Dead comic out that i was thinking about putting in this article but it really is just an adaptation of the movie, and a mediocre one at best.

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