January 20, 2011

Dark Horse Reviews: Conan: Road of Kings #2

Conan: Road of Kings #2
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Roy Thomas (Based on the works of Robert E. Howard)
Artist: Mike Hawthorne (Cover by Doug Wheatley)

**Spoiler Warning**

Let me start out by saying that guys are really dumb. Yeah, you read that right, guys are dumb, especially when it comes to hot chicks. Now here we have Conan and Krimsar, who are both macho men times 10, but for some reason they keep listening to Olivia (the hot chick); well, at least Conan keeps listening to her. Olivia keeps telling Conan that she is having dreams about her father telling her to come home. At first, Conan kind of blows her off, and he and Krimsar jump some old dude in the forest and steal his jewels (not those jewels, rubies and diamonds).

After robbing the old guy, Conan and Krimsar return to their hotel room to see the half naked Olivia, sprawled out on the bed. Krimsar doesn’t even seem to realize she’s even in the room, but Conan’s eyes bulge out of his skull. He tells Krimsar that they’ll talk about their next robbery in the morning, and then he carries Olivia to the bedroom. During the night, Olivia convinces Conan that after this last heist, they should depart for her homeland. The next day Krimsar tells Conan of a certain filthy rich merchant who lives in a castle with more jewels and gold than anyone has ever seen. The only problem is that the gold and jewels are guarded by some unholy beast! Needless to say, Conan has to save not only his own backside, but also Krimsar’s gimpy butt as well.

Great issue from top to bottom, and you really can’t wait for issue #3 when you hit the last page of this sword swinging story! A definite must read for any Conan and fantasy reader. For all things Dark Horse click here!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Mike Hawthorne

    Really glad you liked it but…. I thought this didn’t ship till the 26th????


  2. Marie

    Nice review!!!!

  3. Billy

    @Mike- Your interiors were fantastic dude! (I was privileged enough to get a PDF)

  4. Mike Hawthorne

    DUDE, you’re too kind! Thank you!

    Cool that they sent out sneak previews!…but I had no idea. No one tells me anything 🙁

    Hell, I haven’t even seen the comic myself! 😉


  5. Billy

    @Mike H.- You’re welcome sir! Very nice work, and I can’t wait until the next ish comes my way. 😀

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