January 16, 2011

Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Kull the Conqueror

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Written by: Billy
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Hey everybody, I hope you’re having a great weekend and ready for another character spotlight in Marvel Snapshot! In this week’s edition, we’ll be continuing with the trend of manliness, with Kull the Conqueror! This barbaric dude pre-dates Conan, but has quite a few similarities as well, so let’s take a look!

Kull was born in Atlantis before it sank into the ocean depths. He was cast out of Atlantis and later became ruler of neighboring Valusia. The reason he was exiled, was because he killed a woman rather than see her be burned at the stake. Once he became King of Valusia, he gained much respect from all the other tribes and countries. Kull has had many enemies, but none deadlier than the sorcerer Thulsa Doom. Thulsa Doom has been vexing Kull from virtually the beginning with trials, crowns with curses, and even giant sea serpents.

Kull is one of the crowning jewels of Robert E. Howard, along with Conan. Kull is a rather simple character, but don’t mistake his brutish form for a fool. He regularly out-witted usurpers of his throne, sorcerers, and beasts of all shapes and forms. His legacy will be forever immortalized in his Marvel Comics run from 1971- 1985, under the watchful eyes of Roy Thomas. So if you like axe swinging, sword slicing action, look no further, because King Kull is your man! Do yourself a favor and check out the new Kull the Hate Witch #1 and #2 by Dark Horse as well!

Check out my recommended reading list and some great cover pics of King Kull himself below!

Recommended Reading
Kull the Conqueror #1-10 (1971)
Kull the Destroyer #11-29 (1973)
Marvel Graphic Novel: Kull: The Vale of Shadow (1989) OGN
Marvel Team-Up #112 & Annual #5 (1972)
Creatures on the Loose #10 (1971)
Monsters on the Prowl #16 (1971)

Billy Dunleavy


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