January 15, 2011

Ye Olde School Cafe’: The Eternals vol. 1 pt 4

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Written by: Billy
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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another week right here in Ye Olde School Cafe’! In this week’s installment, I’ll be continuing with The Eternals, by Jack Kirby. This fantastic story was written, drawn, and edited by Jack himself! Last week I left off at issue #7 because there was about to be a change in scenery that would shift the reader from the excitement of the Celestials judgement, to the depths of the ocean and the realm of the Deviants!

As things on the surface get even more frightening due to the Celestials’ looming judgement, Kro and Thena make their way to the Deviant stronghold below the ocean. At this point, we see the leader of the Deviants, the great Tode, as he is ready to pass judgment on one of the Rejects (an off-shoot of the Deviants that are usually deformed). The Reject shows off his great fighting prowess on some of the guards before he’s unmasked. Once the mask is removed, we see that he isn’t disfigured at all, but actually very handsome. The Deviants want their great leader Tode to destroy the man, but Tode decides that his fate will be determined by fighting in an arena for sport. Back on the surface, we see Professor Holden still trying to come to grips with the fact that there are two other races of beings on Earth. He tries to question Kro and Thena, but they have left together for the Deviant stronghold. As they leave, Sersi, who is apparently looking for some alone time with the Professor, uses her transmutation abilities to create a club scene and asks the Professor if he wants to dance.

As the scene then changes to Kro and Thena, we see the wonder of a city that once existed above the ocean. Kro tells Thena that the new city will be even more grand if they can only stop the Space Gods. Once inside, Kro shows Thena around, but then one of the Rejects touches her and Kro smacks him around a little. Thena feels sorry for the beast, but Kro tells her that it is “Purity Time” for the Rejects. Thena asks what that means, but Kro refuses to tell her about it. The two make their way to the inner part of the city, and then Thena witnesses something she wishes she hadn’t. She sees that the Deviants are taking the Rejects to a giant furnace to apparently be burned alive because of their disfigurements. Thena objects and tells Kro that anything they had between them is gone now. Kro tells her to not pass judgement so quickly, and the two enter the arena where the handsome Reject is going to fight for his life.

As the guards try to corral him, the Reject surprises them and takes their weapons. He then heads off on his own, and the guards whisper a name. A name that they think might not only kill the Reject, but everyone else as well. Kro then introduces Thena to the Great Tode, but before things can get too cozy, something smashes through the wall. It’s Karkas, the beast that was whispered about by the guards, and he is nothing short of a killer. Thena looks on in horror, and then exclaims that they need to stop this fight or the handsome Reject will be slaughtered by the beast. Kro tells her that whatever happens now cannot be stopped.

In the next issue (#9), we see Margo, Makarri, and Ikaris heading to the mountain tops and the grand city of Olympia! Just as they arrive, a giant serpent attacks Ikaris with some bad intentions. As Ikaris disposes of the beast, another appears, and it is then that Makarri realizes that this is the work of Sprite (a trickster of the Eternals). He sees Sprite hovering nearby, and then zaps him in the backside to make him stop. Ikaris chases after him as Zuras, leader and father, looks on. He comments on the youths being foolish in this time of peril. Domo then tells Zuras that his devices have the Celestials’ activities recorded for him to view. Zuras sees the mighty space gods making their way around the entire planet. He sees one in the Alps, one in Siberia, Asia, and even one in the ocean that seems to have a separate motive than the others.

As great Eson dives deep into the ocean, we see Tode shouting as the match between Karkas and the Reject begins. At first, it seems that Karkas doesn’t want to fight, but then after the Reject blasts him with an energy weapon a few times, it’s on. We soon find out that this Reject is far more superior to anyone observing him this day. He uses the energy weapon to topple mighty Karkas and starts to beat the life out of him. The guards try to restrain him, but he overpowers them as well. He even grabs one of the guards by the wrist and forces his weapon to fire right in the Deviant’s own face! He then proceeds to put a beat down on everybody within reach. The only people left are Tode, Kro, Thena, and a few measly guards shaking in their boots. As the Reject tries to advance, a protective force-field stops him. As Tode is laughing, Kro and Thena are amazed at the fighting ability of this Reject. Just as everyone is starting to calm down, the floor beneath them begins to shake. Eson the Celestial has come to the dark depths to teach the Deviants a lesson. One that will be their last lesson ever.




That’s all for now, but come back next week to see the fate of the Deviants as well as the shocking fallout from the Reject and Karkas’s battle!

Billy Dunleavy



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