January 8, 2011

Ye Olde School Cafe’: The Eternals vol 1 pt 3

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Written by: Billy
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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another exciting week right here in Ye Olde School Cafe’! In this week’s edition, we’ll be continuing our adventures in the world of Jack Kirby’s Eternals! We have already seen the origins of these fantastic superheroes, along with the beginnings of their evil counter-parts, the Deviants. Last week we saw the Deviants devise a plan to try and confuse the people of Earth into attacking the mighty Celestial that has come to judge the entire planet. If he judges against the Earth, then the planet is doomed to be wiped of all life forms! The Eternals know that they can’t let this happen, so they are concocting a plan of their own to stop the Deviants, and hopefully prove to the Celestials that Earth is worthy of its status in the universe!

As we witness a battle between dozens of Deviants and a mere two Eternals, we find out that the two Eternals are more than a match for their disfigured counter-parts. Thena and Makkari defeat all of the Deviants and then force Kro into a truce until he takes them to where they have Ikaris buried. While this is going on, Sersi is still playing tricks on the Deviants below the ocean depths. Kro radios from above that a truce has been reached, so they release Ikaris from his watery tomb. Initially, he tries to kill the Deviants, but Sersi tells him a bargain has been made for peace to try and stop the Celestials together. The Eternals decide that it is time for humanity to learn of their race and see for themselves that they need to trust them in order to try and stop the Celestials’ judgment, because they wouldn’t stand a chance on their own.

So together, the Eternals, along with Kro, go with Margo to meet a Professor at the city college to hash out how they are going to reveal themselves to the rest of the world. They decide it will be at the college amongst students and some members of the media. After Kro, Ikaris, and Sersi show off some of their powers, we see the people in attendance shocked at the power that these “gods” possess. The Eternals calm the crowd down and talk about the next step in their plan. As this is taking place, something is transpiring across the globe at the site of the Fourth Host. A group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents has reached the base of the giant space god, and they are waiting to see if anything comes about from their presence. With one gesture, the giant sends a flash of light from his palm, and the men are gone.

In issue #7, we see Dr. Damian and Ajak are studying their new visitor. We see Gammenon the Gatherer (see pic of Gammenon below) doing what he does, which is gathering information of the life on Earth, to take it to the others for analysis. He then offers one of his capsules called “life seeds” to the two watching from below. The capsule that the mighty Celestial handed them contains the three agents that were zapped last issue. Once they are released, the three agents struggle to understand exactly what they are dealing with. The leader of the agents pulls a gun on Dr. Damian, but Ajak blasts it right out of his hand with ease. Even after Ajak explains who he is, and what the situation means to Earth, the agents still tell him that they need to gather as much information on the giant as they can before clearing out.

Ajak tries to reason with them, but they attack him instead, and the leader of the agents runs up to the top of the Aztec building and hurls a miniature nuclear device at the giant. With one wave of his mighty hand, the giant grabs the device and it explodes. The nuke doesn’t even scratch his armor, but it does look like it ticked him off. Two of the Celestials look towards the sky, where a spaceship can be seen hovering over Earth. The ship sends down some kind of weird laser beam that is seemingly communicating with the giants. In one quick moment, another flash of light appears and knocks the agents to the ground, and simultaneously transports the Celestials to the corners of the Earth. The agents try to run away, but Arishem stands over them and with ease he uses his infinite powers to entrap the agents just like before in that tiny life seed box. He then stands ready to deliver judgment upon humanity.

Well, that’s it for this week, but tune in next week to see more fantastic adventure when Kro and Thena journey to the “City of Toads” and fight side by side against the Rejects!

Billy Dunleavy



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