January 25, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 1/19/11

Amazing Spider-Man #652 (Marvel)
Andy: The art by Stefano Caselli and Humberto Ramos really compliment each other on this book.
Jeff: Dan Slott has captured the perfect Spidey balance of  humor, action, and character development. Add Stefano Caselli’s clean style and Amazing is amazing once again!

Avengers Academy #8 (Marvel)
Andy: The best Marvel comic you aren’t reading. These characters are really growing on me.

Batman #706 (DC)
Andy: Tony Daniel is telling his best Batman story to date. And his art is killer.
Infinite Speech: Aside from all the corny sidekicks (except Damian) this is another solid issue from Tony Daniel!
NickZ: Do you know what makes Dick a sorry Batman? The number of times he needs to be saved by Damian.
Arnab: Batman continues to dig at the mystery behind the beholder. Great story with amazing art, equals awesome read.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #19 (DC)
: I hope this means Bruce and Selina will be together for awhile. They have the potential to be one of the best couples in comics.
: Another great Paul Dini story! The Joker flashback was awesome and Batman and Catwoman getting all frisky like, thumbs up for this one!
Arnab: Hush strengthens his army, while Bruce takes some personal time with Selina.

The Boys #50 (Dynamite Entertainment)
Andy: We’re rewarded with a little history here that will answer some questions for longtime readers. I can’t wait to see Butcher and Homelander throw down.

Brightest Day #18 (DC)
Andy: Everyone please welcome Boston Brand, the DCU’s biggest cock block.
NickZ: Wow, Carter and Shiera can’t seem to catch a break. I don’t really even like them and I felt bad for them.
Arnab: While the journey is just getting under for one individual, it comes to an abrupt end for some other recently revived individuals.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #40 (Dark Horse)
: A perfect ending to season 8! Whedon deals with the fallout of the war and sets up season 9 in true Joss fashion.

Charmed #5 (Zenescope)
NickZ: The Charmed ones defeat The Source…AGAIN! I think they need to bring Prue back to give this book some life.

Critical Millenium: The Dark Frontier #3 (Archaia)
Decapitated Dan: This took me 1 hour to read 40 pages. 1 HOUR! There is that much awesome story to be read here! Don’t pass on this one!

Darkwing Duck #8 (BOOM! Studios)
Andy: My favorite issue so far. This series is just a big bag of fun!

Deadpool Max #4 (Marvel)
Andy: Hunh. Who knew beneath all the zany, Lapham actually has a plot brewing here?
NickZ: Maybe the oddest use of Cable I have ever seen, this book is so off the wall at times.

G.I. Joe/Cobra II #12 (IDW)
Andy: No question this is the best Joe book on the shelves. Also no question that this issue had the “HOLY SHIT” moment of the year so far!
Infinite Speech: YO! Tell me that did NOT just happen!!

Gore #1 (GG Studio)
Andy: Surprisingly really good! Beautiful art and an interesting take on the fairy tale genre has captured my attention.

Green Lantern Corps #56 (DC)
Andy: I will never get tired of seeing Sinestro kick some ass.
Arnab: The enraged Weaponer takes on the Sinestro Corps, while the Green Lanterns Corps struggle to by pass the peace treaty.

Hellblazer #275 (Vertigo)
Aron: Better than the Green Arrow & Black Canary wedding! The s-word isn’t done hitting the fan, either. A new turd has come out the pooper!

Invincible Iron Man #500 (Marvel)
Andy: Wow. That was…really…awesome! Seriously, this may be the best landmark issue we’ve had yet from Marvel in the past 2 years.

Jurassic Park: The Devils in the Desert #1 (IDW)
Andy: Far better than the last JP series, which isn’t saying much, but I have faith in John Byrne to deliver. If you want dinos though, you’re better off picking up the Age of Reptiles Omnibus from Dark Horse that also came out this week.

Justice League of America #53 (DC)
NickZ: Do you know what else makes Dick a sorry Batman? Lamest Batman saves the JLA story EVER!

Lucid #3 (Archaia)
Andy: This series is great. Best line of the week, “The Black Book was as well guarded as a virgin pop-starlet’s panties.”

Memoir #1 (Image)
Andy: It’s creepy, but the main character is obnoxious and peoples’ faces looked off at times.

Morning Glories #6 (Image)
Andy: Ok, I need to know what the heck is going on here. I have faith in Nick Spencer, but come on man, throw us a bone!

Power Girl #20 (DC)
Andy: Max Lord is one nasty SOB. Is Power Girl the reason Blue Beetle dies? That would be f-ed up.

Scarlet #4 (Icon)
Andy: …is it bad to say that I would totally take part in that protest?
Infinite Speech: Scarlet is what some comics want to be when they grow up! Bendis & Maleev deliver a great story that keeps hold long after you’ve finished reading.

Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #4 (BOOM!)
Andy: Sooooooo when do Abnett and Lanning take over?

Superior #4 (Icon)
Andy: It’s refreshing to read a Millar book without copious amounts of violence…although that may change soon.

Supergirl #60 (DC)
Andy: I know he only co-wrote this one, but Nick Spencer is proving that anything he touches becomes a helluva lot better than it was before. A perfect jumping on point.
NickZ: I don’t like Supergirl’s short hair but this whole Flyover thing is a great story idea!

Superman/Batman #80 (DC)
NickZ: Multiple Superman and Batman team-ups in different time periods and twice Batman saves the day and neither time is it lame.

Thor #619 (Marvel)
Andy: I get the myth or whatever, but that death seemed really unnecessary.

Witchblade #141 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech: Stop whining about wack ass comics & pick up Witchblade! Marz and Mohapatra wrap up their 2 part tale and they don’t half ass on the fun!

Wolverine #5 (Marvel)
Andy: Hell has never been so cool.
Jeff: Loved the story, but Guedes’ art is just not appealing.
NickZ: This issue felt a little bit rushed to me and it was a bit anti-climatic.

Wolverine and Jubilee #1 (Marvel)
Andy: I’m so happy this issue kicked ass. And it’s not just because I’m a Jubilee fan either- Noto’s art was sexy and Immonen’s writing was spot on! Read it X-fans!
NickZ: I was never a big Jubilee fan, but I do like Vampire Jubilee and this series looks like it will be good.

X-Factor #214 (Marvel)
Andy: Talk about foreshadowing! A great story with one of the most underused mutants in the Marvel U.
Jeff: PAD is great at these one-issue solo stories, but this one was so out of left field that it was a bit jarring.
Arnab: Darwin meets an unlikely fellow who warns him of impending doom. Meanwhile, the reader, me, is left thinking, Darwin is too powerful to exist.

X-Men Legacy #244 (Marvel)
Andy: This Blindfold story has been spinning for years now (since before Messiah Complex, I believe). I hope the payoff in Age of X is worth the wait.
Jeff: Who the heck is that awesome cover artist? Why, oh why couldn’t she have drawn the interiors?
NickZ: This may have been the dumbest issue yet. I hope Age of X makes up for it.
Arnab: On the eve of Age of X, the X-Men face an invisible enemy. Sort of a calm before the storm type of issue.

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  1. Billy

    Gotta get me some Top Cow…specifically Witchblade, Artifacts, Angelus, etc…

  2. Decapitated Dan

    Read critical millennium! I command you!!!

  3. Maybe if you just ask nicely Dan I’d consider it. 🙂

  4. Decapated Dan

    Dear IS,

    I am writing today to ask that you consider checking out Critical Millennium by Archaia Entertainment. The main reason being, it kicks ass. The secondary reasons are as follows: Great Artwork, Good Story, A lot of Story, A good price for the content given, I can sucker punch a clown, other people are doing it and because I said so.

    Captain Decapitated Dan

  5. @Speech and DD you guys crack me up! lol

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