January 1, 2011

Ye Olde School Café: The Eternals vol. 1 pt 2

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Written by: Billy
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Happy Holidays to everyone out there in the world of comic books! Welcome back to another great week in Ye Olde School Café! After a week off for Christmas, I’m getting right back into Jack Kirby’s Eternals, with part two. When we last left off, we saw one of the Celestials towering over Earth like an executioner ready to swing his axe if he judges Earth not worthy! In this week’s edition, we’ll see Ikaris battle the Deviants, demons invade New York City, and get introduced to more of the Eternals themselves….

In issue #3, we see Ajak, Ikaris, Dr. Damian and his daughter Margo, all standing dumbfounded at the site of Arishem, the Fourth Host. Ajak and his crew are going to assist the mighty Celestial in his quest of judgement. Dr. Damian and Ajak stay behind, while Ikaris takes Margo out of the temple against her will. Once aboard the airplane, Ikaris puts Margo to sleep because she won’t stop fighting him to get back to her father. They set a course for New York City to meet up with someone for help. During this flight, we see the Deviants plotting and then attacking Ikaris to stop him from getting the help he seeks. The Deviants blast Ikaris and the airplane, but then it vanishes into thin air. Kro and the other Deviants are beside themselves with anger, but can’t find the plane.

After that incident with the Deviants, Margo tells Ikaris that she thought they would travel to her home in Denver. Ikaris tells her that she’ll be much safer where he is taking her. The two arrive unscathed and enter an apartment building where a “Miss Sersy” lives. At the door, Ikaris uses some kind of mental powers to contact someone inside that welcomes him in. As Margo looks at Sersi dancing around the room, she wonders what she’s gotten herself into. Ikaris explains to Sersi that the Deviants are planning to attack the city and he needs to try and stop them. Little do they know, that the attack has already begun. The Deviants used a laser beam to start a tremendous fire in the city and are using the confusion to try and dupe the population into thinking that they are an attacking horde from outer space, to try and antagonize them into fighting against the Celestials.

In the next issue, Ikaris does his best to try and quell the humans’ fear and panic, but he also must contend with the Deviants. Ikaris is smashing his way through the Deviants when suddenly one of them uses a weapon on him that knocks him unconscious. Kro tells them to bring Ikaris to him. The police are trying to stop the Deviants, but are having no luck as one would imagine. Meanwhile, back at Sersi’s apartment, we see her and Margo talking about the impending doom. Sersi isn’t as upset as Margo for several reasons. One of which is that she’s an Eternal, and knows she’ll survive, even if the human population is destroyed. Sersi then tells Margo that she is in fact the Sersi of Greek lore. She goes on to tell her that she also was in the presence of Merlin himself years ago!

As time passes, Sersi and Margo are still making small talk, but it is interrupted by some of the Deviants. They try to use flamethrowers on her, but she easily brushes them aside. Sersi then uses her magic mirror to contact Olympia for help. As she does this, we watch the Deviants who captured Ikaris as they put him in a torpedo and fire it into the ocean depths. What the Deviants don’t realize, is that Ajak was monitoring his friend’s mission, and sees their attempt to send Ikaris to a watery grave of sorts. Ajak tells Dr. Damian that New York City has been overrun by the Deviants, and Margo and Ikaris are there. The doctor weeps for his daughter, who he thinks is dead. Ajak and Dr. Damian then theorize as to how they can help stop the impending war that the humans will wage against the Celestials when they find their Host in the mountains.

The next book provides us with our first glimpse of the rest of the major players, but first things first. Sersi and Margo are standing over the burnt corpse of a Deviant, and Margo is horrified. Sersi, using her magic mirror, contacts Makkari on Olympia. While teasing Makkari, more Deviants sneak into Sersi’s apartment and subdue her and Margo. Makkari immediately runs to see Zuras and tell him of this treachery. Makkari gets blown off by Domo, then decides to sneak in to see Zuras (see pic below).

Meanwhile, the police are getting stomped trying to stop the rampage of the Deviants. Down below, Sersi and Margo are getting the rough treatment from Kro. He basically sexually harasses them, and then Sersi turns one of his henchman’s hands into a tree! Kro then threatens Margo’s life, and Sersi changes the Deviant’s hand back to normal. Back on Olympia, Zuras has a coronary when he hears that a Deviant has laid hands on and abducted an Eternal. He then sends Thena and Makkari to New York City to stop the Deviants from destroying everything. They make their way to the city, and a huge battle ensues. Eventually, Thena and Makkari get the upper hand and drive off most of them. The last image we see, is one of some military big-wigs discussing a plan of action for dealing with these “space devils” and “alien giants.” It appears as though a war is all but inevitable for the world to survive.

OK, that’s it for now, but come back next week for more action in the ocean depths, atop the roofs of New York City, and in the skies surrounding mighty Olympia!

Billy Dunleavy



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