January 3, 2011

A Very Christmas!

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Written by: Andy
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It may be January 3rd, but Christmas time gets one last gasp here at, as some of our staff took photos with their favorite comic-related gifts they graciously received from Santa this year! Check out our schwag, and be sure to share with us what comic-themed items you were given this holiday season in the comments section below.

Happy Holidays, and a very successful 2011 to you all!

Mac Beauvais

Mac has a new gaming chair. Fanboy gamers, prepare to be pwned.

Arnab Pradhan

Arnab proves that awesome things come in little packages.

Andrew Hurst


Kristin Bomba

Our Lead Editor and manga expert, Kristin, got so much cool schwag, she opted out of the picture to better display it in all its glory!

Josh Jones

He remained in this pose for hours…

… and later Josh could only mutter, "It looks like I went insane with Turtle Power!"

Melissa Kay

Melissa shows off her super hot Batman ring!

Infinite Speech

Speech was feeling ominous, staying out of the picture and letting his presents do the talking.

Jeff Jackson

Jeff was so excited about all the presents Santa brought him, he had to show off all three t-shirts and all three Wolverine TPBs he acquired! Can you tell which is his favorite? We sure can't!

The Movie Lady

The Movie Lady is all smiles with her Hip Flask over sized HC and I Kill Giants Titan Edition!

Nick Zamora

Nick is subtly hinting to us what his real present was.

Billy Dunleavy

Billy sent us many variations of this photo. We went with the G rated version.

Andy Liegl

Lastly, our Editor-In-Chief shows off his rare Shred's New York Pizzeria staff t-shirt. Clearly this enterprise is just a front for Shredder to commit Turticide.

Thanks for taking a look under the Christmas tree with us, fans! Be sure to tell us the cool comic-related presents you were given this Holiday season in the comments section below.

Oh, and now may be a good time to check out some of our Top 10 Lists of 2010!




  1. Kristin

    Mac, that chair is AWESOME.

    Also, I added two more snazzy things to my pile over the weekend. My Story of Saiunkoku DVDs that I ordered with some Christmas cash arrived in the mail, and I went to Fry’s to return an extra copy of FFXIII for Resonance of Fate on the 360. So, w00t.

  2. Mac

    I love my chair. It makes me feel like I’m on the bridge of the Enterprise or something.

    I also got a lot of other belated Christmas gifts of much nerdiness, but I’d already sent in the chair picture.

  3. Mac, I love your gaming chair!

    Andy, if I let myself be photographed all of my coolness would have taken away from the gifts I received 🙂

  4. LOL @Billy Dunleavy!

  5. lol That is actually my Sex Bob-Omb t-shirt. Scott Pilgrim FTW!

  6. Dude! Josh, those are the coolest Turtle figures I’ve ever seen! SWEET!

    Mac, that’s the sweetest gaming chair EVER! Also, the biggest VHS collection this side of 1997 that I’ve ever seen! VHS FTW!

    Jeff, I’m gonna have to chat with Santa and find out just how good I gotta be to score a Spidey shirt like that!

    Looks like everyone had an awesomely nerdy Christmas! I’m glad!

  7. Dude, where was your stuff?

  8. Billy

    Kristin gets my vote…Assasins Creed +1

  9. Dude, when I took the picture of me and my stuff…the camera broke. Is that bad luck? Or, just a bad face?

  10. Josh has inspiered me to search for those TMNT figures and I will have them for myself!

    @Aron – I’d blame every broken camera on THAT DAMN ICEMAN!!!

  11. Aron

    That’s right! ICEMAN DID IT!!!!

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